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Magic: The Blathering

Commercials. I'm not prone to watching Tampax commercials, and the one with Mother Nature personified as a crazy Mother Nature lady won't change that.

Streets of Metropolis. Chloe-Plus-Lois and Clark are walking around. It's daytime. Chloe-Within-Lois is dressed more conservatively now, in a gray business suit. [She changed on her way to a police standoff? - Zach] The top is still very tight. Clark is also suited up. He complains that she hasn't insulted him today. And she crossed at a crosswalk. He asks what's up with that. She says she woke up on the right side of the bed, with fresh eyes. She starts to say something, then trips and falls. Clark catches her in his arms and looks down at her with admiring eyes. She sighs. Clark asks what that look is for. She says he's never looked at her that way before. Aw. Not nice. Clark pulls her back to her feet. They have an awkward moment, but are interrupted by shouting nearby. A man up on a fire escape is yelling into a megaphone in a foreign language. He's also tossing what appear to be throw pillows. Guess that's why they call them that. A police car is there and people on the street are watching. A police officer approaches Chloe-Mit-Lois and hands her a wad of cash. He says it squares him up for Friday's poker game, and that he's been working on his bluff. I just noticed she's wearing a little orange flower in her hair. She tells the "tough guy" to keep up the good work. She asks about their "Sophoclean town crier." The cop takes a beat and then explains the situation. The guy has been babbling up there in Latin all day. That's worth a police call? "Woman... magic, cursed on. Book brings death," Chloe-Now-With-Lois translates. Clark asks when she learned Latin. "Zatanna!" the man cries, "Zatanna!" Dude, I know! Some guys think she's hot! (Me, not so much.)

Chloe makes the connection and pulls Clark aside. She tells him that Zatanna is the witchy woman who did this to her. Did what? She says she knows where Zatanna is performing. She suggests Clark superspeed over there to dust off any leads. "Superspeed... we didn't even bring the car," Clark says, lamely. "What?!" she answers. Oh man. Just... get... through... the scene. Please, man. I'm aging here. She says she's Chloe. Clark squints at her. "Stood her up at formal, Chloe?" she tries. "Planted one on you because Zod was ending the world, Chloe?" "Krypton, Fortress, Braniac, Jor-El, Chloe!" she concludes. "Chloe!" Clark realizes. "Bingo!" she fires back. Check, please! She explains, in a speaking style much more like Lois than Chloe, that a magician girl showed up at her birthday and hexed her. "But you'd know that if you hadn't skipped it to answer voice mails from Lois," she says. Ooh, nice one. She says she's not dwelling and walks off before Clark can answer. Clark has about a week's worth of thinking to do.

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