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Magic: The Blathering

LuthorCorp warehouse. Two guards are on patrol and hear what sounds like an arrow being shot. They run toward the sound. The arrow, which has hit a box, shoots out a puff of gas. The two men fall. Behind them, Green Arrow drops in from the ceiling. He pulls out his crossbow and says, thickly, "Sorry, guys." He promises them a nice Christmas bonus. Eschewing his usual high-tech toys, Green Arrow is holding a folded up piece of paper. He uses it to navigate to a large box. He pulls it open with a crowbar. Inside, amid straw and a fancy blanket is the book Zatanna is looking for. "Thanks, Lex," he says.

A nearby alley. Next to a flaming garbage barrel, Green Arrow is looking at the book. Zatanna appears behind him, golf clapping. She says he found the book and pulled it off in style. He pretends not to have met her before. "Oh, please, Oliver," she says. She's made the obvious connection between the favor she asked and the green vigilante who showed up to carry it out. "You need to work on your sleight-of-hand," she advises. Oliver pulls off his stupid hood and glasses. "Yeah," he agrees. She asks for the book and offers up the wish. Oliver tells her it's not just stagecraft; there's some really dark stuff in the book. Zatanna says the irony of her ability is she can grant everyone's wish but her own. Oliver eyes the fire next to him. "Please. Don't," she tells him. She says it's the only way to bring her father back. Oliver thinks about it. He says he's sorry and tosses the book toward the fire. Zatanna does a Jedi trick and pulls the book toward her. "Not good," Oliver says. He goes for his mini crossbow, but Zatanna quickly casts a spell that sends chains flying toward him. Oliver is strung up against an electrical post, next we see him. He tells her she can't just bring someone back and change fate. Zatanna apologizes, but says she's waited too long for this. She walks away in her long coat and very tiny outfit. She tells her father she's coming. Oliver is left to hang around and think about his stupidity.

Commercials. You guys probably don't get the truck commercials we do in Texas, but apparently it's Truck Month. The strange thing is that it's always truck month in Texas.

A hospital bed at Metropolis General. Yes, it's finally happened. Met Gen is being used now as often as Smallville Medical Center used to be. It's almost like they're using the same set! A man lying there has a big monitor attached to his left wrist. Clark and Chloe-Shoved-Into-Lois enter the room even though they are neither family nor friends. Clark says he'll handle this. "Do you speak English?" Clark asks. Ah, it's the guy from the fire escape. He wants to know who Clark is. Trust me, dude, you really don't. Chloe-Invading-Lois introduces herself as Lois Lane from The Planet and says they thought the guy might be under some kind of spell. In the doucheiest way possible, Clark undercuts his partner, saying, "Well, she did." "You know," the man says, but it almost sounded to me like he was starting a thought. "You know... this is a very uncomfortable bed. Might you adjust it for me?" Instead he's cut off and asked about the book and Zatanna and all that other less interesting stuff. He speaks rapidly, saying he never should have told her how to find the book. Very fast, he says, "I'mafraidshe'stooblindedbyhergrieftoseethedangershe'sin." Whoah, whoah, slow down, Latin Simone. Clark can't even understand what most people are saying when they speak at normal speed. This isn't a Matchbox Cars commercial, man. Clark asks about this whole "danger" thing. He's told that Zatanna will have to make a sacrifice to bring her father back. The man says the incantation requires the taking of a life to bring back a life. It's called the Life-Life-Win-Lose Ratio. In his creepiest voice, the man says, "A life for a life. A soul for a soul!" Yeah, we get it, Uncle Repertory Theatre Company. Clark, who is not supposed to believe in magic right now, still manages to look spooked.

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