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Previously on Smallville: A disguise-clad Kara told her cousin Clark that a new darkness had come to Earth, but he wouldn't be fighting it; Clark tried to fly but fell, weighted by his own self-doubt, through the roof of the barn; Chloe faked her death to protect Oliver; meteor-infected bug-boy Greg Arkin made plans to molt and mate way back in the first season; James Marsters showed up to make the show better as Brainiac, but Clark and the Legion got rid of him; Oliver came out of the superhero closet and told the whole world he's Green Arrow; there was a darkness in Clark, a darkness that liked to choke Lex clones and set buildings on fire with his eyes; Jor-El told Clark that he would never be Earth's savior.

Currently on Smallville: Clark's sitting up in his loft, staring down at the week's hero-themed magazines. There's InStyle with Kara, the "Maiden of Might," on the cover, which also promises to reveal her secrets. There's also a copy of Fortune with a split picture of Oliver, one half his normal billionaire self, the other half his hooded hero self. A copy of Time bears Clark's S-shield and asks, simply, "Hero?" Clark picks that one up and whispers, "Good question." He also picks up his old copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer with the Fortress key hollowed out of it. He looks at himself in a mirror. "Maybe Jor-El was right," he says. "Maybe I'm not the one." Then he adds, "Maybe none of us are." Well, Kara is. Just because you're a self-involved whiner doesn't mean everyone else is, too. Cheer up! He tosses the book into a suitcase where he's already packed up his new leather jacket. He closes it just as Lois bounds up the stairs.

He calls out her name in greeting, then apologizes for being so "out of it" lately. "I left you a message," he says. "Yeah, three days ago," she says, not mad. "Feeling better?" He raises his eyebrows, possibly stunned not to be on the receiving end of one of Lois's trademark verbal tirades. He just gives her a weak nod and then Lois reassures him that it's not like Clark has missed any big news... "Seems like the Blur took a little vacation this week, too," she says. Nudge, nudge. Clark figures there must be something going around. Like a virus that causes severe moping. It's called Whine Flu, and there's no cure, although copious amounts of Cherry Garcia might help ease the symptoms. Lois doesn't press the issue, instead turning to the Time cover. "Hero haters," she pronounces them. "Just when you thought the world couldn't get more upside-down, right?" Clark turns the magazine over so he doesn't have to look at its silent accusations anymore. "They probably don't want to put their hope in someone who's going to let them down," he mopes. She tries to cheer him up a bit, saying the Blur would never let them down and promises to stand by him. When Clark is puzzled, Lois insistently explains she believes in the Blur. Since Clark doesn't know that she knows The Secret, this is probably just making him feel worse. He pouts and stares at a speck of dust on his nose. Lois changes the subject to their reunion tomorrow at Smallville High. After all, she was enrolled for 23 whole days! Clark points out she only showed up for five. "That's a record in my book," Lois says. No wonder you never learned to spell. She waxes nostalgic for a normal high school life, having been moved around so much as a "military brat." She's not going to miss it. "We don't have to be dating to show up at a reunion together," she says. Wait, they're not dating? Since when? [Since she left the continent and he didn't stop her? Maybe? - Zach] Clark tries to beg off, muttering about all the memories there, but Lois persists. "You put the 'Smallville' in Smallville, Smallville," she says. "Besides, what's the worst thing that could happen?" she asks. Famous last words. Clark smirks by way of giving in.

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