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Red, White and Blur

Barn. Martha stares at her husband's old workbench, his gloves still lying inside an open toolbox. She looks just lovely in her understated suit with the bit of silver coming into her hair. Clark, standing behind her, says, "I think about him every day." She smiles and tells him about how she and Jonathan had their first date in the barn. They were supposed to go on a picnic but his truck broke down. Plus, he didn't want to be too far from his beloved cows. "I'm glad you made it home," Clark tells her. She plays it off at first like it's no big deal, but then she sighs and admits how hard it is for her to come back. It's a good thing the Senate in the Smallville world doesn't require its members to campaign or raise money back in their hometowns. When her voice breaks, Clark is there to hug her. She has to stand on tiptoe to put her arms around his neck. "About Perry," she says, pulling away. "I hope you don't mind. I bumped into him at a committee hearing a few months ago." She giggles almost girlishly. Clark takes a moment to get used to the idea, then assures her it's okay. "As long as he doesn't start looking for a story," Clark says. He's got enough to worry about with all the alien stuff. Mama tells her boy about how proud she is that he's trying to help his people. When he tells her he's been living two lives lately, she tells him how glad she is that he's got Lois in one of those lives. "I sleep better knowing you have someone special in your life," she says. Clark just smiles.

Back at the house, Lois is using Perry's phone to snap a picture of the two of them. "Oh, my God," she gushes. "You have got to forward this to my high school journalism teacher! Check it out, Mrs. Kreitzman, me and Perry White! Who's sorry now, beeyotch?" I think being a working writer who didn't get fired for interoffice shenanigans would probably stick it to Mrs. Kreitzman more than taking a picture with someone. Perry mentions he's read some of Lois's stories. "You and Clark are a regular Woodward and Bernstein." If Woodward and Bernstein were dead, they'd be rolling in their graves right now. Then they'd be like, "Wait, this is Smallville. Who cares what they think of us?" Lois tells him she's not working with Clark right now. She notices Perry looking through some papers in his luggage and asks if it's a story he's working on. "Yeah, I've been tracking this one for months," he says. "Big players. This thing is my white whale, kid." Lois, practically salivating, tries to get a look at his papers, but he's not sharing. She teases him with a big story of her own. Unlike Perry, she's less than secretive, showing him a blurry photo of a man flying or leaping in front of a Metropolitan building. Perry laughs. "Are you kidding me? This is a goth guy on a trampoline in a jogging suit!" Lois is offended and starts to tell him that she got a call from the Blur asking for her help, but bites down on the admission before she can say his name. She says, "When I started investigating this 'shady redhead,' I found the mother lode. There are aliens on our planet." Why would she think it was a picture of an alien and not of the Blur himself? Perry busts up laughing until Lois shows him the next piece of her research - a sketch of the Book of Rao, which she knows by name somehow. Perry, unable to contain his interest, tries to get a closer look, but Lois snatches the sketch away. "You gotta give some to get some." He grudgingly starts to tell her about investigating the destruction of a secret government complex and being blocked by an operative codenamed the "Red Queen." "I think she's shadowing the secret organization called Checkmate, which is fighting some kind of terrorist invasion." He retrieves a picture from his luggage, showing a sketch much like the one Lois has. "Maybe our two stories are really the same story," Lois says. Perry invites her to write the story with him. Bylines flash in Lois's eyes.

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