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Red, White and Blur

Watchtower. Chloe's on the phone with Clark. "The Kandorians are still MIA." Clark, on the front porch back home, is growing increasingly worried. "What about the Book of Rao? I've searched the entire farm and it's not here." Chloe, dodging a jungle of dangling wires and computer cords, makes her way to a single functioning laptop. The wee little laptop is chugging away, searching the Internet for any mention of the Book of Rao. I know you can find practically anything online these, days, from bacon-flavored salt to sex toys for your pooch, but an alien bible? Really? Before the jury-rigged computer can return any results, though, the search is blocked. A stylized graphic of a foreboding-looking Red Queen appears on the screen. The graphic starts popping up on all the screens around Watchtower, including the ones that had still been displaying only static. "Bad news, Clark," Chloe says. "It looks like I just got a Red Queen virtual smackdown." Man, she's even better than China at blocking Internet searches! Clark thinks it sounds like a Checkmate deal, but Chloe tells him that the Red Queen isn't working for them. "In fact, the rumor has it that her name has been filed under 'big bad nemesis.'" Clark, making his way to the side porch, finds Perry waving him over from a cozy wicker chair. Clark makes his apologies to Chloe: "I'll be there as soon as I can. I'm sort of held hostage here till after my mom's family dinner."

Perry invites Clark to have a drink with him. Clark eyes Perry's glass with consternation. "Club soda," Perry says. "Since that little wakeup call of yours years ago, I've been a teetotaler, and an utter bore." Clark smiles and takes note of Perry's satchel, overflowing with newspaper clippings. "Still chasing down stories, I see." Perry waves it off as a freelance project, but then adds he's working on it with Lois. "I hope I'm not overstepping," he says. Clark's butt clenches so fast you can hear a tiny thunderclap. Nonetheless, he manages a tense smile. "There was this one story she wanted my help on, but it looks like she's traded up for... a more experienced partner." Perry chortles. "I'll let you in a little secret: experience is overrated." They sit down and Perry tells Clark about his early reporting life, chasing down stories, living on the road, and losing wives because of it. He finally realized the important thing was to have someone to share your life. Clark puts on his "thoughtful" face, which is a lot like his "drifting off" face. He's brought back into focus when Perry tells him he's going to ask Martha to marry him. Clark moves his eyes around. "I'd like your blessing," Perry says. Clark thinks about it for a second, then leans forward and says, as kindly as possible, "I don't want to get in the middle of anything, but I don't think she's going to give you the answer you're looking for." Perry looks like he wants to cry.

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