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Red, White and Blur

Later, Lois and Clark are setting the dinner table. Clark is trying to talk Lois into sticking together, but Lois says she has a lot she needs to figure out. "I can't keep lying to everyone about us," she says. Martha walks in to hear the tail end of that. Clark, seeing her, says too cheerfully, "Mom! Everything smells great!" Lois plasters on a fake smile and turns to look at Martha. Martha, letting them continue blowing their collective noses into their tissue of lies, starts to ask for help with something. She forgets what she meant to say, though, because at that moment, Perry is backing into the kitchen with a armful of firewood. The way the dwindling sunlight frames him and lights his hair makes him look for a moment like Jonathan Kent. To top it off, he's wearing a familiar-looking barn coat. Martha smiles, lost in a memory, until Perry steps out of the light and into reality. "Who's up for a crackling fire?" he asks. Martha tries to keep smiling, but dissolves into tears and leaves the room. "What did I do?" Perry asks. "That was my dad's jacket," Clark says. Perry silently curses himself. Did he find it in the woodshed or something and just decide to put it on? For all he knew, it could have been full of ticks or chiggers or sad memories of a dead husband!

Night has fallen and dinner is finally ready. Everyone has gathered around the table for a deliciously meal of pork roast and awkwardness. They eat in icy silence until Perry, his mouth stuffed with food, breaks out with, "What a spread!" He pats Martha's hand. "You really outdid yourself, honey." She smiles without looking at him, choosing instead to focus on her yummy wine. Perry tries to get a conversation going by asking Lois and Clark to tell them what it's like working together while dating. "It's never been better," Clark says with the taste of mashed potatoes and lies on his lips. "It's sort of like being on a chain gang with your ball and chain," Lois offers. Clark gives her a look. Martha guffaws like that was actually funny. She must be on her fourth of fifth glass of Cabernet by now. Clark keeps lying about how awesome everything is while Lois stabs at her food. "We always work things out," Clark says. Lois: "Except when we don't." Clark gives a hilariously fake laugh. Perry brings up that engagement announcement from a while back, the memory of which has Lois coughing up a mouthful of food into her napkin. Clark dismisses it as a simple crossing of signals and says they're taking things slowly. Martha compliments them on being old-fashioned. Lady, Victorians weren't this old-fashioned. Off Lois's incredulous look, Perry asks, "How's that working out for you, Lois?" Clark prompts her with a goofy smile to keep up the ruse, but Lois has had enough. "Mrs. K, I can't keep lying to you." She tells them about being fired from the Daily Planet and taking a break from each other. She turns to Clark: "The truth is, I need to find a way to make a difference with my life." I hear the Peace Corps is always looking for people. She realizes she can't look to anyone else - even the Blur - to make that happen. She wants to do it on her own. Martha looks on the verge of tears. Lois tells Clark she's breaking up with him. He looks very slightly sad. His lips look super-red. Everyone stares in awkward silence until Lois finally excuses herself from the table. The pork roast is like, "I died for this crappy dinner?" Clark follows Lois to the door, pleading with her not to dump his sorry ass. "If you care about me, then let me go," she says. He does, so he does. Perry is in such a hurry to get away from the table to go see Lois safely home that he spills the contents of his satchel. As Martha leans over to help him, she sees all the Kandorian notes and sketches. She pales noticeably, but watches him leave without a word. Commercials.

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