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I'm Your Firestarter!

Outside, Principal Smooth has left the building, as if nothing just happened. There's a fire, man! Good God! He's no Principal Skinner, I'll tell you that. He walks to his car. Suddenly it's night outside. Coach watches Principal Smooth through the window as the fire still rages behind him. "Who the hell does he think he is?" Coach asks. Notice all the "hell"s in the dialogue? Totally intentional. Principal Smooth gets into his car, and tries to turn the ignition. Coach is shown closing his eyes, concentrating. Oh no! It's Drew Barrycoach! Principal's car catches fire. He tries to get out, but the door won't open. His suitcase catches fire. Oh no! Not the suitcase! Coach leaves the window, satisfied with his pyrotechnics.

Clark and Pete leaving the school. It's about 11 PM. Why are they still there? As they walk out, Clark Bar sees the car fire. "Go get help!" he tells Pete. He rushes over, breaks a window, pulls the door off the car, and grabs Principal Smooth. He carries Smooth and runs toward us just as the car explodes, MacGyver-style. Roasted cheese. Clark looks back at the car as he lies on top of Smooth. Why is Clark always landing on top of other men or having them land on him? Just asking.

WB promo. What is up with that hair, Clark? You look like you're in Menudo.

Teri Hatcher Radio Shack commercial. She actually looks better as Bride of Frankenstein.

The Kent kitchen table. MamaKent gets her moment in the gradually diminishing spotlight by expositing that Principal Smooth suffered smoke inhalation, but will be okay. Hasn't anyone begun to notice that Clark saves roughly one person a week from a car wreck or fire? Hasn't Chloe noticed? Bo Duke asks whether anybody saw Clark save Smooth. Clark says he told the paramedics that he wrapped his hands in Principal Smooth's shirt to pull him out of the burning car. How did he explain the torn-off car door? Bo Duke starts in immediately on how Clark could have hurt the other boys on the football field. Clark must have had kryptonite dropped on his head as a child, because he doesn't seem to hear, and boasts that the coach gave him his dad's old position -- starting tailback. Tailback? Oh man. Where my slash fiction writers at again? Bo scoffs mightily. After Clark leaves, MamaKent reminds Bo Duke of how stubborn he was as a teen. She mentions that he ran away one summer to try out for the Metropolis Sharks. She puts in a good word for the Superboy, saying that they should trust him and let him have a shot at a little glory. They argue about judgment vs. trust. It's very boring.

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