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Future Shock

Cassandra's room. She's doing a puzzle. Lex walks in, carrying some white flowers. She says he's the last person she expected to visit her. Lex says he comes bearing gifts, holding up the flowers. "So did the Greeks," she says. Okay, we get that the show is clever enough to use the name "Cassandra" in reference to a soothsayer. Do we really have to belabor the point? "I wanted to take you up on your offer," Lex says. Cassandra says she thought he controlled his own destiny. Lex says he does, but that things have happened in his life that he doesn't want to ignore. Like naughty Clark luuuuve. "I lived when I should have died. There must be a reason for that," he says. He says that he doesn't want to do good things. He wants to do great things. Spoken like a true future evil genius. Lex asks if Cassandra is afraid of what she might see. "Sit," she tells him. Lex pulls up a seat. "You've been warned," Cassandra says, holding up a wagging finger. They touch hands.

Creepy, evil Lex sequence. Quick shot of the seal of the President of the United States, panning up to Lex, in a white suit, leaning forward, standing behind the desk of the Oval Office. This is the set from The West Wing, incidentally. Everything is glowy and overexposed and very cool. In fast motion, Lex walks to a door leading outside. We bright-flash to a zoom in on Lex's very blue eye. We zoom out and see Lex standing in a field of yellow flowers, with mountains in the background. Lex bends down and inhales the flowers's scent. He runs a black-gloved hand across the flower. It immediately shrivels and turns black. The entire field starts to follow suit. We get an overhead shot of Lex, as all the flowers around him die. The field of flowers turns to a field of human bones and skulls. Lex turns around, a faint smile on his face. The skies have blackened and are now turning red. Angry red storm clouds. Lightning. Now this looks like any Iron Maiden album cover. Lex looks up, blinking, and holds up his hands. Blood starts pouring down on him. On one of his hands is a black glove. The other hand is nude, a reference to the comic books, in which Lex had a ring made out of kryptonite, but got cancer from it and had to have his hand amputated. Lex holds up his hands higher as the blood pours down, covering him. We fly up and see him from up high.

Flash back to Cassandra's room. "What did you see?" Lex asks. Cassandra stares at him, head resting against her seat, motionless. Lex suddenly looks scared. He drops her hand and it falls limply. Cassandra is dead. Lex gets up and stumbles back, still carrying the flowers. Cassandra is still dead. Lex drops the flowers. "I need some help in here!" he calls out as he backs away some more. He takes one last look at Cassandra, rubs his hands on his suit, and takes off. A nurse comes in and takes a pulse. She closes Cassandra's open eyes. Just then Clark walks in. "I'm sorry, son. She's gone," the nurse tells him. Clark stares at Cassandra. "She saw it," he says quietly. "Saw what?" the nurse asks. "Her future," Clark tells her. The camera zooms in on Clark. Serious music plays us out. You get it? Because she died, and she was close to Clark! You see? Creepy! Fine. Okay. So maybe it's not The Sixth Sense. I was still pretty impressed.

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