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Future Shock

At the nursing home, Chloe, Pete, and Clark are about to search Crusty Old Man's room, but Clark is intercepted in the hall by Cassandra. Incidentally, Cassandra's name is being used because of its significance in Greek mythology. Seriously. Check out the forums, since our posters are so smart about that sort of thing. Cassandra worriedly tries to calm Clark down. She is surprised that Clark saw the vision, since most of the people she touches don't see anything of their own futures. "Why me?" Clark asks. "We both know. You're not like other people," she warbles. She reveals that she's seen, in other people's futures, Clark helping people when they're in trouble. He's there to lift pain and despair. At least when he's not whining and moping to those who love him. Cassandra says that Clark's destiny is to help people, but that he has to figure out how. She stops short of suggesting tights and a cape. They hold hands again, but this time Clark sees a montage of people in trouble -- mostly Zoe, from later in this episode. He sees the unicorn-head necklace and a truck about to run someone over. "Who are they?" Clark gasps, eyes wide. "People who need your help!" Cassandra says. For the price of a cup of coffee a day, he can help a child living in poverty, you know. That might be a good start. Clark wants to know how to find people to help. Cassandra says that's all she has, and that he should go figure it out. And she offers to keep his secret safe.

Super-snoops. Chloe and Pete are searching Crusty Old Man's room, and don't even bat an eye when Clark enters without knocking. They didn't even lock the door. Aren't they ever worried about getting busted for breaking and entering? Chloe shows Clark some news clippings. A photo of Zoe shows the unicorn necklace; Clark suddenly says, "It's her," and takes off, leaving Chloe and Pete behind to do all the paperwork.

Beanery. Piano Man is writing something on a yellow napkin. He touches his hand in pain, rubbing it. Zoe comes over and tells him he has to leave, since she really is closing up now. Piano Man holds up the napkin. He reads it for her. It's a quote from Euripides: "The sins of the father are visited on the children." Zoe is almost impressed. Then, in a weird old-man voice, he starts babbling about Zoe's grandmother and how she took Piano Man's place at the Metropolis Conservatory. Zoe starts looking scared before he even really gets to his point, which is, "You 'bout to die, girlie." Piano wire is wrapped around Piano Man's hands. He moves forward and starts to strangle her. In slow motion, Zoe's unicorn necklace falls on the floor. Suddenly, glass breaks. Clark enters. Couldn't he have just broken the door handle instead of breaking all that glass? "Don't move, don't move!" Piano Man yells. He's picked up a huge knife and is pointing it at Zoe's neck. Piano Man ends up outside, but Clark zooms out to come around the other side at super-speed. Piano Man looks momentarily confused, but regains his composure. "I said let her go," Clark repeats. "Didn't your children teach you to respect your elders?" Piano Man says. Oh, good God, the cheese! I can't handle this much dairy! Piano Man spins Zoe around and dumps her into the street. The street, which hasn't had a car pass by in weeks, is now greeting a huge truck barreling toward her. Clark zips over and dives on top of Zoe (for once, he's on top of a woman). The truck passes, tearing up Clark's clothes and shooting sparks off his back. Clark gets up, leaves Zoe with the confused truck driver, and heads back toward The Beanery. In the back alley, he looks for Piano Man, but gets blindsided. He spins, and Piano Man tries to stab Clark in the heart with that big knife. In slow motion/cheap bullet-time, the knife shatters, sending fragments flying all over the place as if we're in a fish tank. Fragments pass right in front of the camera. Still in slow motion, Piano Man looks at the broken knife in confusion. Clark grabs his hand, spins him around, and throws him on top of a car, which completely breaks from his weight. Clark looks at Piano Man very seriously, as if to say, "There's your piano lesson."

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