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Shake, Shake, Shake!

On his way out, again, YCI runs into Clark and Chloe. Chloe slips past, but Clark confronts him, asking how he got his dad to sign the contract. YCI calls him "the Kent boy," and says he's just a good businessman. He offers a handshake. Clark takes it, but instead of a green glow, we hear crackling in the hands. Oh, now The WB can't afford a cheesy special effect? Clark looks placid as YCI frowns. YCI pulls his hand away in pain. Clark, with his Mona Lisa smile, walks past him.

Chloe, sitting in a booth with Clark and Lex, shows off her research. Turns out Kyle and YCI were business partners in the mid-'80s. She says they were Salesmen of the Year for three years until YCI started his own company and Kyle "went Walden." Chloe shows off another news clipping about two salesmen trapped in a car during the famous Smallville meteor shower. Lex says they should ask Kyle about it. "What, you know where he is?" Chloe asks. Lex just smirks.

Daytime at Stately Luthor Manor. Lex walks into a bedroom with Chloe and Clark. But it's not what you think. They're looking for Kyle, who is not in his bed. An Asian woman in a purple nurse outfit is sitting by the bed. "Where's Kyle?" Lex asks. "Who?" she answers. I don't get this scene at all. Who's this lady?

Still daytime. Kyle's trailer. He's walking out just as Chloe and Clark are walking up to the mobile home. Chloe asks what happened to Kyle and Young Chris Isaak during the meteor shower. Clark asks how the guy got his dad to sell the farm. Kyle, who is wearing a Clark-style red sweater under his coat, starts to tell his woeful story. Bad salesmen. Kryptonite. Handshakes of great persuasion. Dreams of world domination. Chloe asks how long this power lasts. "Until the person does what I tell them to do," Kyle says. He explains that the person will do what he says until they're forcibly stopped. They'll come out with no memory of their actions. Chloe, bold, asks him to prove it. She says that if the guy was that persuasive, he'd sell some of his crappy statues. "It's dangerous," Kyle says. "I'm used to living on the edge," she answers. On the edge of what, Sesame Street? Kyle takes Chloe's hand. Green glow goodness. "You have feelings for Clark, don't you, Chloe?" he says. Clark raises his eyebrows comically. "You see him and you want him." Well, yeah. I mean, she's human, right? Kyle tells her she can show Clark how she feels. Green eyes glowing, Chloe runs her hands up Clark's torso, pulls his lapels to her and kisses him full on the mouth. It's a closed-mouth kiss, but still. Clark is surprised. Kyle looks amused. Chloe finally pulls away and looks to Kyle. "Okay. Come on. I'm ready." She asks Clark why he's looking at her funny. And why her mouth tastes minty. Moment of realization. "Don't worry. It was...fine," Clark says. I bet that was Lex's mint on his breath. Kyle starts to leave. Clark asks him why he lived in the wood alone. Turns out he was scared he wouldn't be able to control his power and would end up like Young Chris Isaak, with a crap show on Showtime. Kyle says YCI wants to kill Kyle because Kyle threatened to expose YCI. Kyle says he never did anything because he didn't feel it was his problem if it happened outside Smallville. Clark says he understands what it's like to hide from the world because of your powers. But he says you can't hide because you have a gift. Aw.

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