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Shake, Shake, Shake!

As Clark and Kyle go off on their little whipped-cream-and-tarts run, Young Chris Isaak -- a solitary man standing outside his own office -- calls out for Jocko. Young Chris Isaak goes over and asks whether Jocko is having a problem with Kyle. Kyle and Clark are totally within earshot (what happened to Clark's super-hearing?). Jocko says that the guy was messing with his girlfriend. YCI introduces himself. "Maybe I can help," he says, as he takes Jocko's hand into his own. Green glowy handshake. Jocko's blank eyes seem to glow green for a second.

That awkward moment when you're dropping off your date. Clark is dropping Kyle off at his trailer. Clark complains that Kyle doesn't talk much. Come on, Kyle, communicate! Tell Clark your hopes, your dreams, your dirty little desires. Clark asks why Kyle was at YCI's office. Kyle counters, "Why were you at YCI's office?" Clark, who was totally coming from the opposite direction as that office (and never made it there, it seems) says he heard a rumor the guy wants to buy his farm. "Stay away from him," Kyle says. Hey, jealousy! Clark asks Kyle if he misses living a regular life. "Some people weren't meant to live a regular life, Clark," he says. He gets out of the truck -- no kiss or anything -- and says, "Thanks." Clark, looking disappointed, sighs and turns the truck around to leave.

Kyle goes to his trailer door. As he's about to unlock the door, he notices something in the window reflection. He turns just in time to have the grocery bag (it's just cucumbers, bananas, and whipped cream, anyway) knocked out of his arm by Jocko, who's wielding a baseball bat. Jocko swings again as Kyle ducks and dodges. Jocko gets a piece of the trailer door.

Clark driving. He notices Jocko's truck along the wide of the dirt road. (This would be Jocko's third or fourth truck what with all those accidents, right?) Clark gets out; says, "Whitney," for those of us that didn't get it; and rushes back down the path.

Back to Jocko, Kansas Enrager. He's swinging the bat wildly and finally catches Kyle in the torso. Kyle gets the bat, but Jocko is right there, grabbing a piece of flaming wood. He swings it as I hear "Fire, BAD!" in my head. Kyle gets Jocko in the stomach with the bat and rears up to take a swing at Jocko's back. Clark enters the frame at blur speed and gets between the bat and Jocko. We go to Bullet-Time as the bat hits Clark in the neck and shatters. Pieces of the wood bat come flying at us. Didn't we just see this last week with a mace? Can I make my request for next week's show? Let's see Clark shatter a block of ice, Karate Kid-style. Clark punches Kyle in the stomach, knocking him about ten feet and against the trailer door. Shouldn't Kyle be dying of internal bleeding and shattered everything right about now? Clark goes to help a stooped-over Jocko, who is coughing. Clark's patented, serious "We're going to commercial" look. And we do.

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