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Dirty Pool

Kent barn. Clark sits, staring at a photo of himself and Lana. He picks up the newspaper. Lana walks in. Could this be the last barn scene with Clark and Lana ever? Oh, please, God, let it be so. She says she's sorry Clark had to find out like this. Clark closes a folder to hide the photo. He says it's all right, and that Lana doesn't have to tell him every little detail of her life. Lana comes up the last steps to the loft, saying that a proposal is more than a little detail. She says that, as messed up as it is, Clark is the first person she wanted to tell. Yes, Lana. You are absolutely right. That's pretty fucked up. Clark coldly asks if that's supposed to make him feel better. Asshole. Lana reminds Clark that he said he didn't love her anymore. She tried to cut everything off, but she's not made that way. She says that even if they're not talking, Clark is still a part of her life; she won't try to deny it anymore. She says she's trying to put it in perspective. "I guess we both need to do that," says Clark. He makes a mental note to figure out what the word "perspective" means later. Lana steps forward. She says she heard Clark wanted to come talk to her, and asks what it was about: "Whatever secret Chloe is helping you protect, Clark, please...just once." Lana sounds like she's about to cry. Clark takes a breath. Lana, near tears, whimpers, "Just trust me." Clark almost breaks down, but then looks away and decides to lie again: "Doesn't matter now." Lana asks him not to do that. Clark looks back at her and says he knows about the baby. Lex told him. Lana has tears in her eyes. Clark says that everything's changed. Lana asks if that applies to what he told her about looking back and regretting the past every day -- has that changed, too? Clark doesn't answer. Lana catches herself, and says she supposes she can't ask Clark to see her the same way. She walks away. "Lana," says Clark, as she's already halfway down the stairs, "I hope Lex makes you very happy." Lana doesn't know how to take that. So she walks out. Clark sits back down. He looks at the Daily Planet story with him, standing between Lana and Lex.

We cut to the came story being viewed by Lana at the castle. She stares at it, sadly. Lex comes into the room. "Million dollars for your thoughts," he says. He apologizes, saying that his comic timing is the first to go, after his nerves. Lex says that, in all his life, he's never made an offer being afraid of the answer. Till now. Lana says that Lex has been so patient. Lex says it doesn't feel like it. Lana says she went to see Clark. Lex looks surprised. I guess he called off his spies. "And?" he asks. "And I love him," says Lana. Dagger! Through Lex's heart. "I love both of you. And maybe I always will," Lana adds. Ugh. This scene. Painful. Lex is disappointed. He gulps. Lana says that she couldn't say yes to Lex knowing she might look back with regrets. She says that Lex deserves better than that. Lex says that, with the life he's led, he goes to bed every night praying he doesn't get what he deserves. He says you get bitter and vengeful, then you meet someone who's so good (oh, yak) she might be the one person who can learn to love you; he'd wait forever for that. Lana shakes her head: "You don't have to. I'm done looking back." She says she has someone right in front of her whom she knows trusts her. He lets her see sides of him nobody else does. Lex asks for clarification. "Yes, Lex Luthor," says Lana, tearful and smiling, "I will marry you." They hug. No kiss. Wonderment music plays. We go to blackout.

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