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Dirty Pool

Chloe, wearing sweats, is in the Talon dining area. She picks up a section of The Daily Planet. Tori's Linda Lake page features a headline that reads, "Luthor proposal on hold for ex-flame." A picture of Clark is featured between Lex and Lana, with a big broken heart split in two. The crazy fonts! My eyes! "Hey, Chloe," says Clark, walking over. Chloe puts down the paper, asking whether Clark has seen it. He says no. Chloe says that she can't let Clark find out from the newspaper: "Lex proposed to Lana." Clark's good morning is ruined. His smile fades. Chloe says that Lana hasn't given Lex an answer. Clark glances down at the paper. A subhead reads, "...when I was with Clark I would have said yes without hesitating." No actual quote marks appear. Clark half-smiles when he tells Chloe the article says that Lana's hesitation is because of him; he asks whether that's true. Chloe's not as amused. "If I knew better..." Clark starts hopefully. Then he shakes his head, concluding, "I know better." Then he thinks again and talks about how he tried so hard to let Lana go. Chloe just bites her lip. "If she marries Lex, there's no going back," says Clark. What is this, the seventeenth century? Ever heard of divorce? Clark asks if it's true. Chloe says she'd double-down on the fact that Lana is still in love with Clark. Even though Lana never said she was still in love with Clark, so I'm not sure why Chloe would make that leap. Clark says he can't let Lana do this, and starts to walk off. Chloe stops him and says that things are all complicated now. He asks what could be more complicated than living your life with regrets. These are some really tight close-ups. Easy, Welling. We know you got a nice face, but bring it down a notch, all right? Some of us are on heart medication. Chloe, sensing doom, watches Clark go.

Stately Luthor Manor. Lana is sleeping in bed under very comfy-looking red sheets. The door to her room opens. Lex walks in carrying a very large breakfast-in-bed tray. Lana says he didn't have to do that, sitting up; she then notices the newspaper sitting on the breakfast tray. Lex, sitting on the side of the bed, says that he was feeling alone waiting for her answer, calmly adding, "I didn't realize I had so much company." Yeah. Good morning to you. Enjoy your fucking waffles, Lana. He had them flown in straight from Belgium just to make this moment even sadder. Would you like some syrup with that? How about lying, cheating, living-in-the past syrup, huh? Would that taste good to you, Lana? Eat your fucking waffles! Lana says she doesn't know what to say. "Then let me," Lex says gently. He reads from the paper without looking at it: "'When I was with Clark, I would have said yes without hesitating.' You know the worst part of waiting was dwelling on all the reasons you could be stalling. At least now I know." Lex's voice breaks a little. Not to be a dick, but I ask you again: is Lana really worth all this? Lana says she's sorry. But she doesn't say what she's sorry for. Her cell phone rings. She reaches for her Sprint phone, which says, "Incoming call CHLOE." Just then, someone at the door tells Lex that he has a guest. Lana doesn't answer the call, sending it to voicemail. Lex leaves the room without another word. I hope those waffles are cold by now. And poisoned. No, wait, there's a baby. Dammit, I'll be glad when this kid is born so we can go back to wishing death on Lana again.

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