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Dirty Pool

Outside. Chloe emerges from the Daily Planet building. She crosses the street. The camera spins around Chloe, as water pools around her feet. Tori is suddenly there. She punches Chloe, throwing her headfirst into a newspaper machine. Chloe elbows Tori, diving on her, and they both fall into the street. Hair pulling. Punching. Tori grabs a solar lamp from the ground and tries to attack Chloe. Chloe falls and kicks Tori back over her, sending her flying into the street. Lana drives by, and Tori hits her windshield. She turns into water, spraying the car. Lana stops. There are no other cars nearby. That girl was all wet. No, wait! That girl was so rich she had a high level of liquidity. One more! For someone so decisive, it's strange that she turned out to be so wishy-washy. Lana gets out of the car and goes to Chloe, saying that the woman came out of nowhere. Chloe says that it's all right; she's gone now. Chloe checks her hurt face while Lana stands next to her friend. Water runs down the windshield of Lana's car and down the hood. It dribbles down to the street and goes down a sewer grate. Smell ya later, Spelling.

Daily Planet. Chloe is checking her sore jaw in a compact mirror. Jimmy walks in, carrying his camera bag. Chloe asks how the secret adventures of Lois and Jimmy are going. "Busted," he says. She notices that he got hit in the face. "You should see the other guy," he tells her. Jimmy notices three gashes on Chloe's left cheek. He asks what happened. Chloe tells him to put his dueling pistol away; it was just a workplace scuffle. Does she work at the WWE? Chloe says that Jimmy was right about Tori. Jimmy jokes that they're 2-for-2 tonight. He excitedly sits down in front of a computer and plugs in his camera's memory card. He says he's got pictures of the Green Arrow he wants Chloe to see, face and all, and this one's not yet rated. The first pictures to come up are the kiss with Lois. "Ooh. I feel dirty," says Chloe. Jimmy tells her to imagine how Oliver must feel. He blabs on about Clark and Lois's clever plan, and how Oliver had to "catch her suckin' lip with leather daddy." Does that count as gay? Jimmy shows the photo of Clark-as-Green-Arrow and Lois kissing as Oliver calmly walks up to them. Jimmy prepares Chloe for the "real money shot." He tells her to get ready to meet the real Green Arrow. Jimmy clicks. It's a photo of the empty alley. He says "No!" about a hundred times, and insists that this is not happening. It really is, man. Sorry to tell you. Jimmy says he had the dude's face in the crosshairs, and asks how he could be there one second, gone the next. Wouldn't the shot still have shown the guy in a mask? How would it be any more conclusive than the kissing picture? "'Gone' as in 'faster than a thousandth-of-a-second shutter speed'?" Chloe asks. Jimmy says he thought Green Arrow was super-cool, not superhuman. Chloe conveys with her face that she knows exactly what happened, as Jimmy continues to struggle with the computer. Chloe grins.

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