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HypnoHo enters the room. "I see we have a visitor," she says. Now we get the cutesy music. Lois puts on the glasses they give you at the optometrist when they dilate your pupils. She tells HypnoHo to turn Clark back to normal before she rips out her pearly white teeth. Yikes! Lois is a crazy-ass bitch. "Clark, be a love and knock her out," says HypnoHo. Lois is skeptical. Clark pats her on the side of the head with one finger. Lois drops like a sack of surgically enhanced potatoes. Clark smiles. MamaKent enters the room and, with concern, asks what happened. HypnoHo, who now has straight hair, touches her neck jewel, above her trumped-up cleavage, and tells MamaKent to do whatever it takes to stop Lois from following them. MamaKent nods. She asks where Clark's going. "We're leaving Smallville," says Clark. "Forever." "And you couldn't be more thrilled," HypnoHo tells her. MamaKent dazedly tells them to have a wonderful time. Clark hugs his mom. MamaKent waves goodbye as they leave. HypnoHo says that they have to stop at the Luthor mansion. She says she needs Clark to do her one small favor. "Whatever you need," Clark says. "Clark, you're gonna kill Lex Luthor," she says. Thunderous music plays. Clark smiles. "He's a dead man," Clark declares. The tympanis play. The slide whistle expands. Drama!

Commercials. Man, is it just me, or are half the commercials on TV right now for phone companies, phone services, and phone-related ringtones and bullshit watch-movies-on-your-cell services? Gah!

Lois Lane wakes up on the Kent floor later that evening with the worst headache. "Ow," she says. She looks up and sees MamaKent cocking a shotgun and pointing it at her. Stop or my MamaKent will shoot! Lois asks what she's doing. "Stay right where you are," MamaKent Annie Oakleys. Lois tries to talk her way out of the situation. Never a good plan. She slowly gets up. MamaKent, still pointing the shotgun, says she doesn't like it, but that it's the only way to keep Lois there. Something whacks MamaKent across the face. She drops. Chloe, holding a big rolling pin, says, "Oh my God. I just knocked out Martha Kent." Lois tells Chloe that the woman was about to wallpaper the living room with her brain matter. Isn't she lovable, folks? Lois Lane, ladies and gentleman. Your Lois Lane, right there. Chloe agrees, sorta. She asks where Clark went. Lois says that they were talking about going to Lex's place. Lois goes to the fridge and grabs a bag of cold fruit to put on her head. She suggests that Chloe stay there, but when she turns around, Chloe has pulled a Clark, disappearing from the room before Lois can finish her sentence. Nice one. The rolling pin rolls on the table. "Mrs. Kent?" Lois asks. MamaKent, face down on the floor, lets out a tiny moan.

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