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Lair of Lex. Lex enters the double doors and sees Clark standing there, looking pissed. Lex says that it's always nice to be welcomed home after a long trip, but that he didn't expect to see Clark. Out of bed. Clark grabs Lex by the shirt and flings him thirty feet across the room. That's a well-made shirt. Lex crashes through his nice glass desk. It shatters. Lex tries to play Clark by saying, "Clark, you've been hypnotized. How else could you throw me across the room like that?" "I'm done with you, Lex," says Clark. He's quitting you, dude. Lex hurriedly tries to explain what's happening to Clark before he gets his ass kicked. He tells Clark that HypnoHo is a stone-cold murderer. "Your lies can't help you now!" Clark says, and pushes Lex against a post. If Clark really meant it, Lex wouldn't even have a shoulder anymore. Clark spins Lex around for some frontal assault and rears his fist back. Lex hurriedly explains that HypnoHo was just a small-time shoplifter, and that her dad never trusted her with the jewel, so she killed him. Natch. Clark hesitates. Lex says that he has the whole thing on surveillance tape. And on

HypnoHo walks in and tells Clark that he doesn't believe anything Lex is saying. "My security is on its way," Lex sputters. Ha. Good luck with that, dude. HypnoHo tells Lex that she's met his security team. She gave them all the day off. Also? They suck! Lex is like, "Damn, why can't I just hire big black bodyguards named 'Tiny' like everybody else?" HypnoHo tells Clark to finish him off (no, wait, Clark, not like that!) and make him suffer. Clark raises Lex up with the popular choke-hold move. Kryptonians invented that, by the way. HypnoHo is totally getting turned on.

We hear a strange buzzing sound, and suddenly Clark's not feeling so good. He drops Lex. Chloe is standing behind Clark as he falls. She's holding the glowing meteor rock from her desk. Chloe whispers, "I'm sorry, Clark," as she covertly shoves the rock in his jacket pocket. Members Only? Try Achilles' Menswear, Clark. Clark writhes and moans. Lex fishes in HypnoHo's purse looking for a pad, but finds her gun instead. He points it at HypnoHo. She's already touching the jewel and telling Lex to kill Chloe. We zoom in on the unattractive jewel again. Inside, the eye is still seeing evil things. "And then kill yourself," HypnoHo advises Lex. Lex turns to shoot Chloe. Chloe dives for the gun and wrestles Lex's arm for it. Clark watches as they spin. The gun goes off. We watch the bullet fly in slow motion toward HypnoHo. It shatters the cartoon jewel into a jillion pieces. Aw. I wanted to see her use it in Hollywood to get Basic Instinct 3 made. I wasn't sure if she was killed before, but on closer inspection, it looks like HypnoHo has a bullet hole right in her sternum. Smell ya later, Seductrash. Chloe and Lex look at the girl in horror. Will anyone be implicated in this murder? Ha. What show did you think you were watching? Chloe goes to Clark and relieves him of his pocket downer. She tosses the meteor rock down the hall. I'm sure Lex will never find it there. Lex watches Clark get up. Chloe asks if he's all right. "I think so," Clark says. Lex just stares.

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