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Daily Planet. Clark and Chloe are walking down some stairs. All they did was replace the high-school hallway with the newspaper. "I feel like I just woke up from a bad dream," Clark says. Fuck, man, me too. Clark says that he remembers all the gory details. Attempting tact, Chloe asks if he and HypnoHo ever actually..."No! Thank God," says Clark. All right, I call complete and total bullshit. HypnoHo was totally digging on Clark, she had complete control over him, and she didn't have sex with the guy she planned to spend the rest of her life with? She didn't test-drive the goods that whole night? I don't believe that bullshit for a second and neither should you. Booooo. I really thought this episode would end up with Clark realizing he could have sex with women with his superpowers after his experience with HypnoHo and that he'd finally be able to get it on with Lana again. Chloe says that the moral of the story is not to gaze into the eyes of a seductive woman with a jewel around her neck. Right. I'll make a note of that one. "Unless of course her name is Lana Lang," Chloe amends. Of course. Chloe asks if Lana and Clark have talked and made up yet. Clark doesn't answer. He hasn't talked to her. Chloe asks what he's waiting for. Chloe explains that Lana knows what happened and that she's cool with it, apparently: "She'll understand." "Maybe I don't want her to understand," he says quietly. He explains that the incident gave him the guts to do what he wouldn't have otherwise: "It broke me and Lana up." Didn't you break up already?

Chloe leads Clark out of the room and asks if he's still "hypnoed." Clark asks how many times he can break someone's heart before it crumbles into pieces. Sure, ask Chloe that. That's nice. She probably has a number in mind. Chloe says it wasn't Clark's fault. Clark says that Lana wasn't hypnotized. Her feelings were real, and Clark realized, "My power to hurt Lana is greater than all my powers put together." I'm going to take a quick break and go throw up now. I'll be right back. (Ten minutes later...) Ah, much better. Oh. Wait. There's more. (Five minutes later...) Damn Doritos. All right, where were we? Chloe says that meeting a girl like HypnoHo isn't an everyday occurrence. Clark says that hurting Lana has become one. Clark says that as long as he lies to her he's going to cause her pain. Chloe says that as long as Clark doesn't set the record straight, Lana will always hate him. Clark says that maybe that's not such a bad thing. Dude, why couldn't this have happened two seasons ago? Clark sits in a corner. He self-pities that Lana can get on with her life and find someone she deserves. Chloe says that if Clark does this, game over, no more quarters left. She says Clark will be saying goodbye forever, and it will crush Lana. "Please, just think long and hard before you do this for good." Thinking long and hard? This sounds like a job for...anyone but Clark Kent. For once, I feel sorry for Lana.

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