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Lair of Lex. Lex sits by the fire, watching it flicker and glow. Lana walks in. Oh, great. Lex is all thrilled that she's there, and starts to explain about Professor SoFine's revelation until Lana interrupts and says she's not there to talk about him: "I actually wanted you to be the first to know." Lex asks if everything's all right. Lana says that she and Clark broke up. For real. Lana says he's sorry. Lana shushes that away. She says she feels like hundreds of tons of thecrets and lieth have been lifthed off her shoulderths. Lana says that Lex knows what it's like to be friends with Clark. With benefits! Lana says that you never know if he's telling the truth, and you can never trust him. Lex sits next to Lana on the couch. By the fire. Oh geez. Lex actually sticks up for Clark a little, saying that he's not the easiest person to get along with. It's actually a nice gesture, even if it's secretly manipulative. Lana waves that away, telling Lex not to defend Clark. She asks how she could have been so stupid. Lex tells her she's not stupid. Lame? Yes. Stupid? Not quite so much as Lois. Lana looks to Lex. He tells her she just put her trust in the wrong person. Lex looks conflicted. We go to blackout.

A title card reads, "In Memory of DANA REEVE (1961-2006). Donations can be made in Dana's Memory to the Christopher Reeve Foundation at

Next week: Lana asks Clark for help when she gets all strung out on Harry Potter's magic parental memory mirror. But you guys are on a break!

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