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Barn, the next day. Clark grabs a yellow and green vertical gas tank by the nipples up top and moves it. Heh, is that what you were doing last night, Clark? Chloe walks in and thanks God Clark has clothes on. She says she was afraid she'd walk in on a dangerous liaison. Clark says he guesses Chloe talked to Lana. Chloe says she could barely hear Lana through the sobs. Lana called to say she was staying at Aunt Nell's. Aunt Nell? Really? She lives? Well I'll be a stick of cinnamon in some pudding. "So where's the hottie?" Chloe asks. Clark goes to pick up some more nipple tanks and move them. They're hard. "If you're talking about [HypnoHo]," he says haughtily, "she's in the house." Chloe tries to reason it out. She says that if it were "Red K," Clark wouldn't be doing chores, and that if it was "Silver K" affecting him, he'd be afraid the pitchfork in the corner would turn him into a shish kebab. Clark scoffs. "What happened to you, Clark?" she asks. Clark says he fell in love. Chloe says she thinks Clark was a cliff. Without looking at her, Clark says that just because Chloe knows his secret doesn't mean she knows how he feels. Chloe says he'd never intentionally hurt Lana. Clark counters that Chloe has told him his relationship with Lana won't go anywhere as long as he lies. He says that Chloe was right. Chloe asks how things will be different with HypnoHo. Clark says that he told the girl about his powers. Chloe panics. She says that Clark needs to stay away from her, and that she knows when he's being manipulated. Clark moves more nipples as he says that Chloe is crossing the line here. He suggests that Chloe trust him and let him live his life: "Back off."

This is Chloe backing off. She goes to the front door of the Kent home. Opens it without knocking. Looks around. Finds HypnoHo's purse sitting on the kitchen counter. As she's about to go look through it, the mean woman herself comes down the stairs, wrapped in a blue towel. Chloe amps up the charm as she introduces herself. Eek, that wet hair's not doing HypnoHo any favors. Chloe says it's great to finally meet her, even though the girl just met Clark the night before. "Hello," HypnoHo says with uncertainty. She's still wearing her necklace. Chloe says it's great that she's with Clark, because he was just miserable with Lana. She says she's never seen Clark happier, and that they're perfect for each other. HypnoHo decides that Chloe doesn't need mindwashing, so she takes her hand away from the necklace. "That's nice to hear," she says. "Do you know where he is?" Chloe says that Clark's out in the barn. HypnoHo walks past Chloe. We can see as she walks by that there's a white strap across her back, either a shirt or a bra, under the towel. Sorry to ruin the illusion. As HypnoHo leans out the screen door and says, "Clark! I need you!" Chloe goes through the purse quickly. She finds an ID card and then puts everything back where it was.

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