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It's Hard to Fly With Heavy Hands

Back to Lois's interrogation. "If you think you know the Blur and the other vigilantes," Lois says, "then why aren't their faces all over the news?" Their faces are all over those posters. Trotter chides Lois, a general's daughter, for not knowing anything about strategy. She says public opinion is on their side. Lois guesses that the tide would turn if the VRA targeted civilians without proof. Since when do angry mobs need proof? Lois makes some vague threat to write about the truth, but Trotter isn't scared. She just threatens Lois right back, which seems to basically come down to cooperation or death.

Next, Trotter questions Tess in the archive room. Did she just want to try out all the different rooms in the building? Tess says she doesn't know where her coworker Oliver is: "You see, I work and he plays." She moves to leave the room, but Trotter blocks her. "And once upon a time, he played with you," Trotter says. She refers to Tess and Oliver's past relationship. Tess tries to convince her that it's all business with Oliver now, but Trotter's not buying it. She presses Tess to give up the vigilantes. The corner of Tess's mouth twitches in the barest hint of a smile. If I were Trotter, I'd be sure to update my will.

Lois, alone in Tess's office, pokes around for something she can use. She finds a remote control stuck to the underside of Tess's desk. She pushes a button and a bookcase slides away from the wall, revealing the secret escape chute that Tess once used to spring into Checkmate action. Seems like you'd want to make more of an effort to hide the controls to something like that, but whatever. Lois slides down and ends up in a storeroom in the basement, where she runs into Cat. Cat is surprised to see her: "I thought you were still -- " "--being questioned by Trotter and her goose-stepping goons?" Lois finishes for her. "Nope, cleared of all charges." Lois pretends she's just trying to get back to work, but Cat accuses her of escaping. Lois realizes Cat's the one who ratted them out. Cat flounces off to rat them out again, but Lois grabs her arm. She begs Cat to see sense. "The people that the government is targeting, they are not villains," she says. "They are honest-to-God heroes and they are putting their lives on the line to protect us." Cat looks doubtful. Lois compliments Cat's reporter instincts. That doesn't convince Cat, either, so Lois brings up Cat's son. Doesn't she want him to believe in heroes? "You're asking me to change everything I believe about the world," Cat says. Lois says that the Blur has saved Cat twice (damn him!) and her son wouldn't have a mother otherwise. That seems to get through to Cat. When one of the VRA agents comes around looking for Lois, Cat lies and says she hasn't seen her. When the agent is gone, Lois thanks Cat and turns to go. Cat calls her back. "I overheard Trotter say Slade's found a way to take care of the vigi -- the heroes," she says. They're going to use Oliver to find the others.

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