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Unlucky Streak

We cut again, this time to a car pulling up to the back alley of The Talon. Lois thanks Dead Zone for dinner. She thinks he'll be able to navigate town without a tour book in his hand. Dead Zone asks about a transit map that Lois told him about. He offers to go upstairs with her and share a nightcap. But Lois looks terrible in one of those! Lois says she loves nightcaps, but she's on a lethal deadline. She has to proofread a 5,000-worder due at dawn. Where is it running The Daily Plant Review of Wasted Newsprint? Seriously, 5,000 words for a newspaper story is insane. That's almost a recap of this show! Dead Zone says he's an excellent speller and offers to help. Lois says spell-check is her best friend. She says she'll see him maƱana. No kiss or hug or anything. As Lois is walking up to the back entrance, Dead Zone waits until she opens the door. As she does, he pushes her inside. He pulls a gun on her. "No one can know who I am," he says, "I need that flash drive." Also, put some unprotected MP3s on there. It's a long drive back to Metropolis.

Commercials. Some actresses from One Tree Hill want you to recycle. Can we recycle that show?

A Metropolis street. Clark is standing on a street corner talking on the phone to Chloe. Chloe is nearby, speaking into her Bluetooth headset. Clark asks if she's ready. Chloe, wearing a bright red top (inconspicuous!) says she's ready as she'll ever be. She says she doesn't enjoy driving her car into anyone, including Clark. Clark tells her it's all right; someone's going to save her. He checks his phone; someone is on the other line. He reminds Chloe to move at 10 p.m. Clark switches over the other line. He can see the caller up on a nearby rooftop. It's Oliver. "Tell me you're sober," Clark says. Oliver, wearing a leather hoodie, complains that he could be in a cabana in Aruba, but instead he's on a rooftop with "You guys." Clark reminds him that he had to put on green leather to protect Oliver's identity. "Clark, you made out with my girlfriend, man, what do you have to complain about?" Oliver says. Clark tells him that they'll cross at 10. He asks the guy not to screw this up. Oliver tells Clark to keep his fingers crossed. Just then, Jimmy shows up. Clark thanks him for meeting up. Jimmy starts by saying that no matter what Clark tells him, he's not going to look at his friend any differently. "You'll always be the same old C.K. to me," Jimmy says. That's nice. Now let us completely lie to you with an elaborate ruse.

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