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Unlucky Streak

Lois grunts. Dead Zone picks up his gun. He turns to fire on Lois, but Clark is already there, waiting. Their hands meet. Clark punches his gut, sending him flying against the wall and over a dining table. Clark is already gone by the time he hits. Lois didn't see Clark. She breathes heavily.

Metropolis. Jimmy is still waiting, checking his watch. A masked man, the criminal from earlier, grabs Jimmy and says, "You're coming with me." Jimmy offers his wallet. The man, who has a knife, says he doesn't want Jimmy's money. He leads him toward a waiting car. Luckily, Oliver sees what's going on. "This isn't part of the plan," he says to himself in that disturbing, low, Green Arrow voice. Oliver fires a grappling hook at a flagpole on a nearby building. He tenses up the line. Oliver, wearing a ridiculous red cape, grabs the crossbow and uses it to sail across the line. He kicks the criminal in the chest as Jimmy watches. The thug lands on the intended getaway car. The accomplice inside backs away and drives off, without his partner. Clark appears. "Jimmy! What happened?" he asks. "Did you actually expect me to fall for that?" Jimmy asks. Jimmy thinks Clark just saved him. Clark says it wasn't him. He looks up. "It was him," he says. Up on the rooftop is Oliver, cape flapping near an American flag. "No way," Jimmy says. Bystanders are noticing and pointing. Clark watches their reactions. They seem happy and hopeful. Clark has to really chew that one over.

Commercials. The iPod Touch is fun. But can you really afford fun in these turbulent times?

Daily Planet, the next day. Someone is rolling by stacks of that day's paper. The front page has Jimmy's photo and the headline, "Faster than a speeding bullet." Clark is walking down the stairs. He grabs a copy and we get a closer look. The subheadline is, "Metropolis' good Samaritan?" Why the question mark? Clark is not smiling. Everyone in the newsroom is buzzing about the paper. That never happens. By this point, everyone would have already seen it on screen or as a proof. Jimmy, wearing an especially unprofessional bowling shirt, comes up to Clark and says he's sorry. Clark congratulates him. Jimmy feels bad that he almost pulled Clark out of a closet he wasn't even in. Are we still talking about the photo? Because Clark is still gay. Clark jokes that he's flattered Jimmy thought he could move at lightning speed. If only the plot could move that fast. Jimmy says there's a reason he thought Clark was a Good Samaritan. "Because I buy Girl Scout cookies twice a year?" Clark asks. Jimmy says Clark is the kind of guy people can count on. He says it's rare for someone to be there for friends and strangers like Clark. Clark enjoys this moment. He gives Jimmy the Gayest Look of the Episode, but it's a look of pure gay friendship. Platonically gay. And I'm all right with that. Lois rolls over in her office chair. "What's rare? A pen that works in this place?" she asks. Clark teases that he heard about her date last night. "Ended with a thud," he says. Clark apologizes for not getting her call until it was too late. Why did she call Clark and not the police? Lois says it wasn't a date. She was undercover. Clark asks why she didn't say she was working on a story. Lois says that if she had told Clark her secret, she'd have put him in harm's way. She says it was for his own good. Clark thanks her for looking out for him. Jimmy comes by and shows Lois the front page. Lois says she underestimated Jimmy. Lois says she was saved twice in two days. She says she's now a true believer. How does she explain the stuff in Metropolis happening at the same time she was saved in Smallville? She calls the hero a "Red and blue superdude." Other office staffers congratulate Jimmy on a job well done. He walks away with them. Clark says that a new fire chief is supposed to be announced soon. Lois says her days of covering "Yawner" press conferences are all but over. Oh really? You just decided that? Hope your editor agrees. Dipshit. Lois says she has a new mission in life: she's going to track down the superhero. "Really? Good luck with that," Clark says. She tells Clark to mark her words. She won't stop until she lands the first worldwide exclusive interview. The camera zooms in on her face. "Watch me," she says. Do we have to? Clark rolls his eyes and sighs.

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