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Unlucky Streak

Oliver's private plane. He's reading a copy of the paper as Clark stands behind him. Oliver jokes that Clark is pretty photogenic when you can't see his face. Clark says it could have been a lot worse. Oliver is surprised the story went to print. He says he was expecting to hear about a computer meltdown at the paper. Clark says that did cross his mind. He says he got to thinking (uh oh) that maybe his destiny is more than just secretly saving people. He thinks maybe he's also supposed to give people hope. I hope this episode is over soon. You can work on that for me. Oliver is glad Clark is catching on. Clark wishes Oliver a good vacation. Oliver says his vacation is over. He's heading to Europe to have a summit with his friends who like to "Dress up and kick ass." Clark's not invited? Clark asks what happened to partying and vagina transit. Oliver says that when he was swinging across the buildings taking the punk down, he felt like himself again. Oliver says that's who he is. Not the playboy running off for rum-soaked weekends or a corporate titan. He says underneath it all, he's Green Arrow. Clark is glad he's come back around. Oliver says he understands why Clark didn't tell him about his parents' murder. He thinks Clark was right. He doesn't think his parents would have been proud of how he'd have reacted had he known. Clark thinks Oliver's parents would have been very proud of the man he's become. Aw. Hugs? Clark gives him a piece of friendly advice: "Don't ever wear that cape again. It looked ridiculous." Clark walks off as the joke grenade goes off. BOOM! Oliver says he kinda liked the cape. "Sure helped with the aerodynamics," Oliver adds, smiling. Clark smiles back. Oliver tells him he should give it a try. "Not in this lifetime," Clark says and walks through a pair of red curtains! Ack! All right, we get it! Stop hammering us over the fucking head with it! Jeez!

Metropolis General. Dead Zone lies in a hospital bed. We see a black glove touch the bottom of the bed. Dead Zone wakes up. "Who are you?" he asks. It's Chloe. She says she thought he'd like a visitor. She calls him by his real name: Wilson. He asks how she knows him. Chloe says she was at Black Creek and knows all about his ability. She asks how much of the story he got from the man he touched the other night, the one who saved Lois. "Let's just say he shouldn't have touched me," Dead Zone says. Uh oh. Wrong answer. He says guys like Clark belong in places like Black Creek. He asks why Chloe was there. "You don't seem so special," he says. Chloe takes off her gloves as she explains that the human mind is a sophisticated computer. She says if you download too much information, it crashes. And all the data is lost. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asks. "Here. Let me show you," she says. She grabs his wrist. He grunts and struggles as scary music plays. Chloe just stares at him. His eyes flash computer code. Suddenly they flash and he goes dead and limp. Chloe walks out of the room and walks out in slow motion. There's an alarm as doctors and nurses rush into the room. They don't notice Chloe walking away. She seems to come to her senses as she walks away in slow motion. We go to black as suddenly evil Chloe-Braniac keeps walking. Wow! That was almost worth the rest of the lackluster episode.

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