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Unlucky Streak

Kent Farm, nighttime. On the kitchen table, Clark has collected all of his red and blue clothing. I can't believe the stack wouldn't fill up the whole room. Clark turns and notices his red jacket hanging from a hook near the living room. He zips over to get it. As he does, he notices that Jimmy is coming up to the door. Clark zips back, takes all the clothes to another room and returns to the kitchen, grabbing a rolling piece of fruit on the way. Jimmy enters the house without knocking, which seems incredibly dangerous and presumptuous. Clark is wearing, by the way, a gray T-shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt. Jimmy tells Clark he's got great news about their story. Clark still doesn't want to be involved. Jimmy says he's got some research. He pulls out a printout from the Smallville Torch and reads headlines off. "Teen mysteriously saved in lake." "Girl rescued in robbery." "Freak accident saves woman." He says that it was around the time Clark and Chloe were in 9th grade. Clark scoffs, asking if Chloe gave him that stuff. Jimmy says that just because he shoots pictures doesn't mean he can't make his way with a search engine. Jimmy thinks that Clark might have gone to school with the hero. Jimmy tries to explain the timeline, but then he looks curiously at Clark. He says that when they left school, this stuff started happening more often in Metropolis. Clark blinks. He asks Jimmy for his point. Jimmy asks if anyone from their high school stood out. Dude, several seasons worth of people stood out. But they're long forgotten. Jimmy hands over a yearbook with the graduating year '07. Well, that's not right. They graduated in 2005. Clark says he can't think of anyone. Jimmy just stares at him. Clark asks if it isn't this guy's decision whether to go public, assuming he exists. Jimmy notices something in the living room. It's a photo of Clark, standing with Bo Duke and MamaKent. Clark is wearing the blue T-shirt and red jacket combo. Jimmy holds the photo frame. Clark warns Jimmy that the picture is fragile. Ha! You're so fucked, Clark. Clark tries to dissuade Jimmy, but Jimmy has already pulled out a printout of his photo and is comparing it to one in the frame. Jimmy turns slowly. Clark takes the frame. He says he has lots of work to do, including fixing a tractor. "It's all so clear," Jimmy says. He's figured out that this is what was going on with Chloe the whole time. He looks to Clark. "You're not making any sense!" Clark tells him. Jimmy says it makes perfect sense. "It's you. Isn't it?" he asks. Clark gulps. Adventurous music. Oh, just tell him. Everybody else knows your secret, practically.

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