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Unlucky Streak

Commercials. Stride Gum will ram you in the nuts. Chew it, already!

As-Is Foundation, evening. Chloe is in Lana's Command Center, typing away. Millions of images are flashing on all the monitors around her. Big brain attack! The computer can't seem to keep up. There's a "System overload" and then a "fatal error." Luckily, the computer can still talk, because it tells us these things out loud. The screens start to go dark. We hear a muffled "Whoosh!" and then Clark walks in, still wearing the gray T-shirt. "Chloe. Jimmy knows my secret," he tells her. Hello and good day to you, too, sir. Chloe spins in her chair. "What!?" she says. Clark says Jimmy put it together with some research and family photos. Chloe is very surprised. "What did you do?" she asks. Clark says he just denied it. And then ran like Hell. Clark says he made up some chores and then came straight over here. Chloe apologizes for not listening to Clark sooner. She had no idea Jimmy would figure it out. In other words, she thought he was too stupid to make basic logical connections. Clark thinks they need to throw Jimmy off the trail, for his own good. You'll just be messing up his career, but that's all right! It'll be good for him! Jimmy walks in, again without knocking. He sees Clark and Chloe talking. "You beat me here!" he says with wonder. Jimmy asks if Clark blurred over here. Clark says that's ridiculous. Hey, if the Balki Bartokomous fits... Clark says he took the shortcuts. Oh, you mean the temporal time/space shifts that this show has been using since the first season? Jimmy says he was speeding the whole way. Fuck your shortcuts, spaceman. Clark has no answer for that. Jimmy asks him to show on a map the route he took. Chloe tries to cut in. She says it's not a witch hunt. Jimmy turns on her, asking if this is the big secret she's been keeping from him the whole time. I guess interrogation by electrocution didn't really work out so well for the happy couple. Jimmy, showing remarkable understanding, says he totally gets why they want to keep it a secret and he says he's got "C.K.'s" back. If you really had his back, you'd stop calling him "C.K." It's actually a bit sweet, the way Jimmy wants so desperately to be part of this small club. Clark, with a laugh in his voice, tells Jimmy that this secret he's so bent on exposing doesn't really exist. Aw, quick fucking with the kid already. Jimmy turns to Chloe and asks for the truth. Chloe walks right past Jimmy to stand next to Clark. She says that as much as she'd like to believe that Clark can break land-speed records, he's just a regular guy. Does this mean their marriage is doomed? Really, it just doesn't seem right that after the torture-engagement episode, Chloe could so casually fall into lying to her man again. "You don't trust me, do you?" Jimmy asks. Nope. Now, that cute Davis on the other hand... Clark says that there's nothing special about himself whatsoever. For once we are in agreement. Jimmy nods his head, like, "Yeah, I see how it is." He tells them that he'll just have to prove it. He starts thinking very hard. He leaves angrily. Chloe and Clark exchange looks. Good one, Clark.

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