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Unlucky Streak

A private jet on a runway. Clark, whooshing in, goes into the cabin. He finds Oliver Queen sitting down, surrounded by totally hot supermodels. He's having the time of his life. Oliver, his shirt buttoned too low, says that if Clark is looking for a jaunt to Aruba, he's going to have to find another plane; this one is packed. With vagina. It's an emergency vagina shipment. Oliver says the flight is full and they're about to take off. Their clothing? Oliver's also drinking. He's a stingy drunk. Clark says he hopes the pilot is sober. Pilot? They were going to run this flight on pure vaginal energy. WHOOSH! A model walks by Clark, giving him a fierce Posh Spice look as she goes. Oliver continues to make idle chitchat until Clark has had enough. He says he needs to talk to Oliver. Oliver, in full-on douchebag mode, says that now's not a good time, what with three women all over him, but that he'll drop Clark a postcard. Clark says it's urgent. Oliver asks the ladies to give them a second. Clark suppresses a smile as they walk by. "Look what you did," Oliver admonishes. He asks what's the latest crisis in Clark's life or if Clark just came by to lecture him about drinking and flying. Clark says that Jimmy knows his secret. Oliver guesses that Jimmy plans to splash Clark's photo all over the front of The Daily Planet. He wonders if that might not be such a bad idea. He says it would force Clark to step up a little bit. Hell yeah. "What happened to you?" Clark asks, pivoting effortlessly into Judgmental Ass Gear. He says Oliver has all but given up on Green Arrow. Clark says that Lois was mugged a block away from Oliver's apartment and that every time he's seen now, he's got a drink in his hand. Clark says that maybe Oliver's the one who needs to step up. Oliver tells Clark to relax. He thinks even superheroes need to take a vacation once in a while. Yeah, please. My fingers are killing me. How about a nice long November-December hiatus? Clark brings up the way he didn't tell Oliver when he knew about Papa Luthor killing his parents. Clark thinks it may have been a bad decision, but now he needs Oliver's help. Oliver offers to call when he gets back. "There's no time, Oliver!" Clark whines. Clark says people have died and lives have been turned upside-down because of his secret. He says he can't mindwipe people who know his secret, he can only protect people who know, like Jimmy. Clark asks Oliver to do it for Jimmy, not for Clark. What does Oliver care about Jimmy? Clark says Jimmy's just an innocent bystander. Oliver thinks about it. I guess that vagina shipment isn't going to make it to Aruba.

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