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Unlucky Streak

Metropolis. Ace of Clubs has apparently been rebuilt in record time. Lois and Dead Zone are having dinner. He's telling the story of a war zone and how he once had a shoulder next to him shot and was given an M-16 to join the fight. The story involves having a notebook tossed by a military officer. Lois pokes a hole in the story: she thought the notebook made it back from Baghdad. Dead Zone smoothly adds that he walked a mile and a half to retrieve it once the smoke cleared. Lois asks about his last few years. She wants him to be honest. She asks if he's had any big investigations. She's fishing for anything about crime or going undercover in a big prison. He says that bullets flying overhead is one thing, but being stuck in a tiny cell is not something he'd want. He says claustrophobia's a bitch. Lois asks if he's ever seen the inside of a big government facility. She thinks that would be a great story. He jokes that the last time he was in a big government facility was in high school. Lois takes a drink. She doesn't sound convinced. Dead Zone asks if Lois has ever had her palms read. She says she doesn't do well with fortune tellers. "The last one I went to see told me that I was destined to fall for a guy who flies a lot and likes to wear tights." Oh, for fuck's sake... wait, she's not done. She says she's waiting for her cross-dressing pilot to land. Come on, show. You could be so much better than this. Do we really need this horseshit spoon-fed to us every week? Why does it only seem to happen when Lois is around? Is it any wonder we hate her character? She's like the anti-G.E. She brings bad things to life. Dead Zone promises to only tell her the good stuff. He offers his hand. Lois is slow to take it. But she finally does. We go backwards, watching Lois ask about his notebook, then further back as Clark is zipping up her dress. She looks very pleased and happy as Clark is doing that, which Clark couldn't see. Even further back, we see Lois digging into her flash drives from Black Creek. She found Dead Zone. His abilities are classified but it reveals that he's a murderer. "I knew it," she tells no one in particular, "you were in Black Creek." We return to the present. Dead Zone is shaken up to learn that Lois knows his identity. "So," Lois asks, "am I going to live?" It pains me to think so. Dead Zone's phone suddenly rings. He says he has to take it and excuses himself. He goes all the way outside to a parked town car. Tess is in the backseat. Dead Zone sits next to her. He says he scanned her; she doesn't have the crystal. Tess, disappointed, asks if there's anything but air in that brain of hers. Would you believe just three sets of Whitesnake lyrics? Dead Zone says she knows his name because she has a flash drive of Black Creek files. Tess figures out that Lois stole them from the library. She doesn't think it implicates LuthorCorp, though. Dead Zone is freaking out that it implicates him. Tess is like, "Sorry, buddy. Sounds like you're screwed." Dead Zone grits his teeth. He tells Tess she might need to find a new reporter because Lois probably won't be showing up to work tomorrow. He goes back to the club. Wouldn't it have taken him a while to go on that elevator? I thought Ace of Clubs was way up on a high floor. Tess tells someone on the phone to move on to the next person of interest: Jimmy. Couldn't they investigate more than one person at a time? We cut to a driver in a car somewhere else. They give a signal to a street thug who puts on a black mask over his mouth.

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