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Meet the Blunder Twins

Foggy street. Clark finds Lois in the crowd. She hugs him and breathes, "Thank you." There's a long pause where he wrestles internally with himself, and kudos to Tom Welling here, because all too often I can't tell what in the hell Clark is supposed to be thinking or feeling. But his reaction is well done here. He tells her he's not the one who rescued her. "I'm not that fast -- I took the elevator." She frowns at him. Just then, a phone rings in a nearby phone booth. "Even after all this, you still can't tell me," she says. Sad guitar music plays. Lois turns her attention to the phone and answers it, for some reason. Much to her confusion, the Blur's mechanically disguised voice greets her. "Next time you take on the D.A. of Metropolis, watch your step. Hope I made up for not calling." Clark, who's been in the background the whole time, asks her who was on the phone. He frowns when she tells him it was the Blur. I bet he's like, "Damn, how'd my Blur sock puppet get hold of my phone?"

Jayna and Zan's apartment. The Twins congratulate each other. Jayna cheers, "The D.A. is TKO!" Yeah, I'm thinking she totally bit his face off. (And thanks to the forum peeps who helped me figure out what she was saying there.) They fall back on their couch, ecstatic. "The Blur's back on top," Zan sighs happily. There's a familiar whoosh and then a shadow falls across them. "I have you to thank for that," Clark says. The Twins look up and see him in silhouette, his face obscured in shadows. They sit up, the awe etched (I must admit) rather adorably on their faces. Clark tells him he put his shield out there to inspire people to be their own heroes, and that's what they did. "We believe in you, Master B!" Jayna says. Girl, I'm just starting to warm up to you. Don't ruin it now. He tells him to believe in the shield, not him. He steps into the light so they can see his face. "Most importantly, believe in yourselves." The Twins just about plotz. [Of course, Jayna already knows what he looks like, since she saw him talking to Chloe earlier. - Z] He gently tells them they just need to be more careful. "People need you to make life and death decisions every day, and there's no room for mistakes." Dude, if the heroes on this show didn't make mistakes, the episodes would be 14 minutes long. He superzips away, leaving the Twins to revel in their happiness.

Dr. Zweig's office. Ugh. This again? Zweig tells Lois that she saw the news. "I never would have guessed that your mystery caller was none other than the Blur." I hope the good doctor turns out to be evil now that she's put two and two together. Lois, in a nice suit and very Palin-esque updo, says she can't believe she was so stupid. "I must have been crazy to look at Clark through Blur-colored glasses!" Zweig thinks it was natural for Lois to project the qualities of the "unobtainable men" she usually falls for onto someone closer to her. Lois wishes they were the same person, because it would be easier. Tearing up, she says, "When I heard the Blur's voice, something stirred inside of me, but my thoughts keep going back to Clark." She laughs a little in wonder. "That scared guy, who stepped onto the ledge to save me." Please let this be the last therapy session. Please?

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