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Meet the Blunder Twins

Thankfully, the action switches back to the Watchtower before Lois can work up too much of a crazed honking. Chloe is chatting with the Twins. They tell her that for a long time, all they had was each other. In a nod to the Wonder Twins' comics background, Zan adds, "Nobody really bought us as transfer students from Sweden." Chloe notices him messing around with one of her computers and rushes over to stop him. Of course, it's the computer that's tapping into Clark's cell phone and Zan has fiddled with something that's about to have dire consequences. Back at the Daily Planet, Lois is still on the phone with the Blur, griping at him about not calling her more often. Blah, blah, honk, honk. The Blur tells her she's just going to have to trust him. Unbeknownst to him, he phone tech cuts out on his last words, allowing Lois to hear his real voice. She looks shocked. "Smallville?" she asks, but he's already hung up.

Kent Farmhouse. Clark is enjoying a cup of coffee, listening to the morning news about how the Blur restored power to the city the night before. He goes to the front door to fetch the paper, but opens the door to find Lois has beat him to it. He's surprised to see her. Comedic music plays. She points out her front-page story about the Blur and says, "I think he'd be pretty happy that I included his side of the story." Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. He looks at her like she's sprouted another head. She blurts out that they should carpool to work, so that they can get to know each other better. "You tell me the color of your underwear everyday," he says. "What else is there to know?" I have a feeling this is supposed to remind us of that scene in Superman: The Movie when Lois challenges Superman to tell her what color undies she's wearing, but she was testing his X-ray powers. How in the hell would something like that even come up in daily conversation? There's a long, awkward pause and then Lois apologizes for bashing the Blur: "Deep down, I never doubted him." "I'm sure he'd be happy to know your faith in the Blur never waivered," Clark says. I bet he can't wait to tell his sock puppet about this! Lois presses a little further, saying the Blur never did explain why he didn't call her back. She takes a step toward Clark, giving him an opening to confess to her, but he thinks she's just whackadoodle. "Lois, what's going on?" he asks. She slowly starts to tell him about how clearly she sees things now, but the lady on the morning news is talking about Sacks. Clark turns toward the TV, leaving Lois to stare blankly into space. Someone really needs to get her a good lipliner, because her lipstick is just everywhere. It's like she took makeup lessons from the Joker. Sacks is talking to a bunch of newspeople, challenging the Blur to come forward and work with the police instead of being a vigilante. He announces a press conference he plans for later that afternoon, where he hopes the Blur will show himself and take responsibility for his actions. Clark turns to Lois: "Big news day -- I'll have to take a rain check on the carpooling." Lois, wide-eyed, just nods up at him.

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