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Meet the Blunder Twins

Clark arrives at the press conference. About two hundred Canadian extras crowd the street. Sacks takes the podium and pours on the smarm, inviting the Blur to come forward and be a true hero. Dylan Neal is really very good in this role and I wish they had groomed the character to be a recurring part of the background cast instead of writing him as a one-off plot device. Clark looks like he's seriously considering stepping forward, but then Lois appears in the crowd and starts pushing her way up to the podium. A guard makes a weak attempt at stopping her, but Sacks tells him to let her up. She plants herself in front of the stand of microphones and announces to the world that she knows the Blur. Clark glances around nervously. I think this would be a good time to surreptitiously shoot fire out of your eyes and set something ablaze to distract the crowd. No? All right, let your girlfriend keep digging herself in deeper, then. She tells everyone why the Blur can't come forward: "It's because he knows the best way for him to protect you and me is to steer clear of all this political hoopla, and remain the one thing you and I need most... a light in the darkness. A symbol for us to believe in, when all other hope is lost." People in the crowd nod their agreement. Clark goes from looking worried to looking proud. She asks them to let the Blur be the hero he needs to be. The crowd cheers. Sacks looks worried. Somewhere in there, I started thinking that Lois reminds me of Sarah Palin. I think the phrase "political hoopla" triggered the association for me.

Daily Planet. Lois walks into the office to find a single red rose waiting on her desk. The accompanying note reads, "Thank you. Meet me on the roof." Lois takes a deep breath and gets stars in her eyes. Soaring, romantic music plays as she walks through the rooftop door, but the man waiting for her is Ray Sacks. She drops her rose. (She's wearing awesome fuchsia pumps that I covet, by the way.) The music darkens. Sacks tells her he had no idea how close a relationship she had with the Blur until the press conference. "Now, tell me the true identity of the Blur and I'll overlook your annoying antics." Lois, instead of backing into the stairwell from which she just exited, starts walking toward Sacks -- and the ledge -- and accuses him of shady dealings with organized crime. "I've picked out a nice little font for my exposé," she tells him. Isn't that sort of thing set by the newspaper and not the journalist? Her idea of a headline is "Shady Sacks Sucks the City Dry," and he counters with his own: "The Blur Murders Lois Lane." He shows her the giant white S-shield that's painted on the roof underneath their feet. Lois, nervous, thinks no one would believe it, but Sacks reminds her that she just announced to the world that she's the only one who knows who he is. I'd buy that as a logical reason to off someone, but he wouldn't admit to it by putting his brand on the roof. Shoddy, Sacks, very shoddy. At this point, Lois finally bolts back to the door, but two goons are waiting for her. They grab her and pitch her off the roof. Sacks and his goons, satisfied with a job well done, leave the roof. Too bad they didn't take half a second to glance over the ledge, because they would have seen Lois hanging on to a conveniently placed flagpole.

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