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Clark rematerializes in the barn two days earlier. I wish at this point he had gone to find himself and tell himself what a dolt he is. Instead, he superzips over to wherever it is that Linda's writing her "Truth About Clark Kent" article. It looks like some kind of low-rent office, with some electrical wire things and a fuse box in plain sight. "I know what you're planning," he announces. She turns, not seeming surprised to see him. He says she's not going to run his story. He shows her his own article (when did he write that?) about all the murders she's committed. She takes it and looks it over. I thought upon first viewing that he was working out a deal with her where they each kept quiet about the other. How sad is it that I didn't even pause to think maybe the future Superman wouldn't make such a deal with a murderer? He says her word will mean nothing and everyone will know who she really is. "You're going to jail," he says. She doesn't think so. But then he pulls out the electrical wires in a hail of sparks and jabs her in the belly with them. He pushes her against a window and she erupts into water, but as he continues to shock her, she resolidifies. She stays in her human form, damp but whole, and he pulls the wires away. Her eyes close and she collapses to the floor as frantic music plays. Clark says, rather eerily, "No one can ever know my name."

Thanks to the reset, we're back at the rainy opening scene. This time, though, Clark has picked up Lois in his red truck. She gets out, saying, "Some things never change. I've been gone a month and you still drive in the granny lane." So she's only been gone a month? Does that mean Lana's only been gone a week or less? Lois notes he didn't say much on the drive home and only left her three voicemails while she was gone. They walk into the Daily Planet basement. Clark says things got a little crazy after the wedding. Lois laughs: "Things got a little crazy before all hell broke loose, let's face it." Then she realizes that she's brought up the almost-kiss, and offers not to face it and just forget it. Clark agrees: "I think it's a pretty complicated conversation, Lois." She mentions she's going to be at the café later that night. She says, "If you want to come by for coffee, cool, if not then let's say I get it." He looks either confused or worried; I can't tell which. But he says, "OK," which makes her happy, or not, or whatever. She goes to work.

Outside. Chloe and Clark buy coffee from the same guy who gave Clark the free newspaper in the other timeline. It's... not the most hygienic coffee station I've ever seen. Chloe, beaming, says she would have loved to see Clark as a celebrity. Clark says it wasn't a pretty sight. Chloe thinks she must have had some perks as a part of his entourage. She's obviously never seen this show. Clark mentions the invasion of privacy Chloe had to suffer. "Though there was this one moment right after I told Lois the truth about me, I thought everything would be OK." He thought he could have it all, but he can't. Wait - -how is Clark remembering any of this? For him, none of that will have happened because the other him stopped Linda early, thus wiping out the reality where he told Lois. Right? Aw, screw it; the episode's almost over and I'm out of booze. Chloe looks thoughtful, then basically suggests the whole dual identity thing to him, not for the first time. Clark is dubious, but Chloe thinks it's a way for him to be able to tell Lois the truth and still know how she'd react. Clark says, "All of this made one thing very clear, Chloe. Lois can never know who I really am." Chloe wonders if it's a way of protecting himself from getting hurt. Clark changes the subject: "I destroyed the Legion ring." Even the normally quick-thinking Chloe seems a little thrown by the abrupt shift. Clark explains it's too dangerous, the whole controlling time thing. "It always comes at a price." Chloe wonders what might have changed this time around. Clark looks worried.

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