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Red-Blue Blah

Well, I'll tell you what changed: Janey walks into the dispensary and sees Davis getting the pills like before. But this time when she learns his name, she says there's a patient looking for him. This time, he goes down the hall and uses his key card to let himself into the Criminal Containment Ward, where who else but Linda Lake is waiting for him. She's strapped to a gurney with some glowing restraints around her wrists and ankles. Davis thinks there must be some mistake; he doesn't know her. She says she's been "puddling around Metropolis" (I hope she had the Detrol discussion with her doctor) and stumbled upon his dirty secret. She mentions his "unsightly bone protrusions" like she's explaining something delightful to an infomercial audience. At this point, he closes and locks the door behind him. His hand shakes. "You don't know what you're talking about." "Right," she says, "you just have a terrible skin condition." See? Infomercial. He aks what she wants from him. "I want you to release the beast and break me out of these restraints." He resists because that's not how it works, and starts grappling with a pack of pills. She threatens to tell Chloe about him because she doesn't want to spend another second in a cell. He looks like he's been hit hard and drops to the floor. His eyes go red. Linda taunts him. He begs her to stop. "Let it go," she coos. He shouts at her to shut up and she shouts back to set her free. He bolts up from the floor, grabs the pillow underneath her head and shoves it so hard against her face that the folding top of the gurney slams flat. She struggles as he suffocates her, but he grows calmer and calmer. As her movements still, he pulls the pillow away and his eyes go from beast red to human brown. He seems horrified when he realizes what he's done, or maybe amazed, or maybe both. He rather gently lifts up her head and slides the pillow back under it. He quickly leaves, pausing for a moment to look at his normal, totally Davis face in the reflective surface of the door. He throws a handful of pill packets into the trash and leaves.

Café. It's night, and Lois is sitting outside, in the cold, waiting for Clark. "Dreamer" by Uh Huh Her plays, and it's a very "Clark and Lana in the early days" kind of song which doesn't bode well for the future if you were already tired of that. Clark watches from behind, unseen, as Lois sips her coffee and scans the distance for him. He messages her: Sorry swamped with work, can't make it. She messages back with a lie: Chasing a lead, couldn't make it anyway. They both look sad and lonely and I'm not really feeling at all sad for them because it's just this made-up angst for the sake of angst. As much as the show is trying to make it seem like the two of them are ships passing in the night, it's just coming across more like a couple of dinghies tied up at the docks.

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