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Red-Blue Blah

The next day, the newspaper tells the story: "Clark Kent Alien From Krypton!" The picture of Clark underneath the headline has him in his typical red jacket and blue shirt combo, posing like it's his high school yearbook picture. Clark stands besides the newspaper display outside a newsstand, admiring his and Lois's handiwork instead of wondering if he should worry about being vivisected. People start noticing him. Which is normal, because 1. anyone who looks like Tom Welling is going to get noticed, and 2. he's wearing the exact same outfit now as he is in the paper. An older gentleman from the newsstand hands him a free copy. He says, "For fifty years I've watched this city get eaten alive by crime. But you picked us up, Kent." A little boy comes up to him wearing blue and red and asks for his autograph. Clark happily obliges. A group of teen girls goes by, taking pictures with their camera phones. People start coming out of nearby shops, smiling and applauding him. Clark smiles back. A guy drives by in an SUV, looking out the window and waving and honking so much I thought for sure he was going to have a wreck and require some rescuing. Instead, the person who needs help is a teen girl who flings herself off a second storey fire escape, shouting "Catch!" Clark superzips over and catches her neatly. She kisses him on the cheek, saying, "I'll fall for you any day, Clark." Bystanders rush to take their pictures and Clark starts to look a little unsure about things. Just then, a watery rushing sound announces Linda's arrival. She's suddenly standing behind Clark, looking like her makeup gun got set to "whore" and then some. She's pissed: "You may have scooped me, but I will have the last word." She morphs away, in plain view of all the cameras, but no one seems to notice besides Clark. He stands in the middle of the crowd, alternately smiling and looking around helplessly.

Metropolis General. Inside there's crowd, too, taking pictures of Chloe as she walks down the hall towards Janey. Orderlies usher the photogs out as Chloe tries to find out why Jimmy suddenly isn't being allowed to stay there. He's being transferred there now and she confirmed yesterday that there was room for him. Janey says, "Yesterday the parking lots weren't full of paparazzis [sic] and our hallways weren't full of rubbernecking fans!" She says they can't run a hospital when everyone's trying to get pictures. Chloe doesn't get why they'd want pictures of a guy in a neck brace. Janey clarifies: "A guy in a neck brace married to the alien's best friend." That... seems like at least one degree of separation too many. Wouldn't they be interested in Jimmy because he works with Clark? Or are they just trying to remind us Jimmy is married to Chloe because it's been so long since they've been onscreen together? Anyway, Chloe sees Davis walking through the hospital hallway ahead of her and she rushes to catch up to him. As she does, he's digging through his duffle bag for his antipsychotic pills and pops one. She greets him, not seeing the pills, and wants to know when he got back. He says it was just a few days ago. She looks at him seriously and says, "I think we should talk about what happened." He looks worried and asks if she remembers. She says it's hard to forget: "You kissed me." Oh, that. I thought you meant the whole abducting you from the wedding thing! But no, she assumes that the messages Davis left her were about the kissing, so she deleted them without listening to them. He lies that she didn't miss much, because it was just him awkwardly apologizing. Chloe insists she hasn't been blowing him off, but so much as been going on with Jimmy's recovery and the memory loss. Davis cuts her off and says he went out of town to give her space. Chloe says it wasn't necessary and wants to forget what happened. Davis can't. "You have been nothing but a good friend to me," he says earnestly. "I just don't think that will ever be enough." Chloe is confused about why they can't even have a friendship. Davis says, "A friendship like ours... it can be dangerous." And sexy. She accepts this as goodbye, though, and even though Davis wants the same thing, he still looks a stricken when she turns and leaves. Just then, a nurse comes up to Davis, today's newspaper in hand, and she gushes that he knows the famous Chloe Sullivan. Davis doesn't see the big deal, but then she shows him the paper and he puts together the whole "Clark = Kryptonian = the one he's supposed to destroy" thing. Ominous music.

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