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Red-Blue Blah

After the break, we're back inside the house with some Department of Domestic Security guys and Clark. "Linda Lake is lying through her teeth," Clark insists, but the lead DDS guy says her points line up. What, like a bulleted list? They think Clark is working with someone, but Clark explains he was sent to Earth alone by his father to protect mankind with his abilities. DDS guy asks if Clark's friends will attest to that, then accuses Lois of aiding and abetting in exchange for the front page story. Then he brings up how long Chloe's been keeping his secret and wonders what else she's hiding. Clark insists he's been open about everything. The DDS guy: "Then I'm sure you won't have any problem with us running some tests." Clark draws the line. An armed and armored unit busts into the house, guns trained on Clark. One guy marches up to Clark and Clark promptly throws him across the room, because what better way to prove to people you're harmless? He could have just held him back. The order to fire is given. Clark just stands there, taking every shot, which results in the bullets riccocheting off his body and destroying half the kitchen. That'll be a great thing for his now-unemployed mother to come home to. He couldn't have caught the bullets in superspeed? Clark superzips out of there.

A little yellow car pulls up somewhere in a misty, foresty area. It's Chloe and she's meeting Clark. He tells her she has to leave because the Feds are after her. The car radio announces that authorities are after Clark, too, and advises people to stay inside. Chloe gets out of the car, asking if they know about the "meteor rocks." They do now, thanks. Clark says they have to leave town, separately. Chloe is worried: "Am I losing you, Clark?" He promises to find her when things calm down. Chloe asks if they can't just ask Jor-El to undo everything, but Clark says Jor-El has been gone since the Fortress went dark. Chloe says, "Unless you're hiding some latent power to turn back time, then I'm out of ideas." A little light bulb goes on over Clark's head, and he explains in detail exactly where he's hidden the Legion's time-travel ring in the barn, just in case any nearby villains need to overhear him. Chloe reminds him that there's always a consequence for turning back time, like a substitute recapper might run out of booze. Clark says he doesn't have a choice, because as long as people fear him, he can't help them. Clark and Chloe exchange long, sad looks. Linda, hiding in the bushes and having overheard the whole damn conversation, smiles.

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