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Red-Blue Blah

Back from the break at the Isis Foundation: Chloe is deleting a bunch of files off the computer and shredding info about Clark when Davis comes stumbling through the door. Oh, my God, I just noticed the file cabinets are hideously pink. Chloe sees Davis and realizes something's wrong. She rushes to help him to a chair and he immediately starts apologizing. "It's all a lie. I thought I could stop it." She offers to get him some help, but he growls, "No!" He says nothing helps. He fumbles for a pack of his antipsychotic pills, but says he's built up a tolerance. "I can't control it anymore." When she asks what it is, he whispers: "The beast." Chloe looks at him with confusion, so he takes her arm in his hands and starts explaining about everything that happened when he and Chloe were in the Arctic. She told him it was his destiny to kill the other Kryptonian, but this just makes her more confused because the only Kryptonian there is Clark. Davis haltingly says he's Kryptonian, too. Chloe realizes he's Doomsday. "I was sent to this planet to kill Clark," he says, and Sam Witwer is really selling the pain here. Chloe warns him to stay away and Davis agrees: "You have to warn him." He thought it was Chloe drawing him back here, but it was Clark. He looks down, and when he looks up again his eyes are red. Bony spikes start pushing out of his skin. With his increasingly monstrous voice, he tells her to get out of there. Chloe runs, leaving a voicemail for Lois about Davis as she does so. She makes it to her car, but so does Doomsday. The whole thing shakes violently and then he rips the door off its hinges. Chloe stares up at a fully beasted-out Doomsday, and she looks both afraid and resigned. The show leaves it up to the imagination as to what happens next.

Back at the barn, Lois's phone lies on the ground beside her. Linda is admiring the Legion ring and going off on how she thought rings would bring her happiness, but there's no such thing as true happiness. Clark, still suffering from Kryptonite exposure, says, "Not when you only see the bad in people." Linda crouches down beside him and muses on how quickly people turn on you. But she doesn't care, because she has the ring, which is better than the Blur. Clark warns her it's dangerous. She has a different opinion: "This ring is every journalist's dream. I'll know stories before break. The entire world will know me." At hearing the last, Lois gathers herself up off the floor and charges her, knocking her over a work table piled high with odds and ends. Linda fights back with a huge wrench, but Lois ducks and kicks her in the gut. She punches until Linda falls back onto the stairs, eyes closed. That really is a lot of eyeshadow. Lois rushes over to help Clark, who tells her to get rid of the rock. She tosses it across the barn, and Clark gets up. Finally, Lois is able to hear Chloe's voicemail. She goes to tell Clark: "You're not going to believe this, but Davis--" But by this point, Clark has found the ring and puts it on, so he doesn't hear the rest as he disappears in a flash of bright pink light.

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