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The Barnness of Hidden Objectude. Clark puts away the box with the black Kryptonite in a big tool chest. He closes it. Then he goes to the under-rug panel to find the crystal. It's gone. "Looking for the crystal?" Tess asks. She's upstairs, looking down. How did Clark not notice she was there? So much for superhearing. Clark guesses Eva told her all about it. Tess thought she knew about Clark from the Veritas journal, but now she has a few more of the Kal-El puzzle pieces. Clark asks if she had a Black Creek inmate steal the crystal before she killed them. She blames Lex for Black Creek and pretends she had nothing to do with that project. She says the chips were implanted there, and the chips might have malfunctioned. "You can't blame me," she says. Clark's not buying it. He asks where she put the crystal. Tess says she had it destroyed so Clark would have no choice but to kill Doomsday. She doesn't think sending him to space prison is enough. She thinks others might have escaped from the Phantom Zone. Clark ignores that and says this isn't her battle. Tess seizes on that, saying that Clark is admitting it's his battle. She says she's doing all this for Clark. She thinks that a true hero has to sacrifice his own personal morality to keep the world safe. Clark doesn't think anyone has the right to choose who lives and who dies. Clark says he was beginning to think she was different from Lex. "I was wrong," he says. Clark starts to walk off and Tess looks stricken. She composes herself and says that the difference is that Lex turned his back on Clark. Oh, and so many other sides. "But I still believe," she says. She tells him she understands that if more people were like Clark, the world would be a better place. She doesn't think Clark can avoid his fate. Clark has a snappy comeback. He says that the word "fate" is used by people who've lost sight of who they are. He stares down Tess. He asks why she's determined to see Davis die. She says it's because an entire civilization's survival depends on it. With that she leaves. Clark watches her go. She kind of has a point, Clark.

Luthor Manor, nighttime. Tess is walking down a hallway toward the former Lair of Lex. We hear weird whispering. The office is lit up purple. Tess can see it through the stained glass of the double doors. She enters. A purple orb is shooting energy in all directions. It levitates. "Is Kal-El ready to fulfill the prophesy?" it asks her in a male voice. Tess says she did as the person asked. "The crystal has been destroyed," she says. The orb grows to fill up most of the room. It grows until it's almost touching Tess. She stares at it with wide eyes. "Then you shall be the savior of Kandor," the voice says. Tess closes her eyes and is bathed in light. Kandor, take me away! And we go to black.

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