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Omar: So, what did you think?
Roger: That is some rough stuff, there. That's a lot to wade through for so long.
Omar: Well, thanks for sitting in. It was nice to have some company. So, where's this trip you're taking?
Roger: Ah, that. You know, it's more a metaphoric trip. I'm not really traveling anywhere.
Omar: Really?
Roger: Yeah. See, I've been sick for a while and it's not going too well. In a few weeks, my humans are putting me to sleep.
Omar: Holy shit! I'm gonna cry!
Roger: No, no, come on, kid, it's all right. Listen, I've had a really long run. I've gotten to work with some great people, I've made a lot of fans. I got to be part of this entertainment community I never dreamed even existed. I got no regrets. I'm lucky to have the time to say goodbye.
Omar: I'm so sorry, Roger. I wish I'd known.
Roger: Naw, it's better this way. We got to have some fun first and look back on old times a little. Thanks for that.
Omar: Wow. I can't thank you enough for being here, Roger. We'll be thinking about you. You're a class act.
Roger: Thanks, kid. Let's not get all weepy into our fucking kerchiefs here. Say the words I wanna hear so I can beat it.
Omar: I don't... Oh! I think I get it. Hey, Roger. Good dog. Good dog.
Roger: Woof woof, buddy.

Next week: all things must end, and so must this season. Expect lots of Chloe and Davis action, as well as visits from other super friends.

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Omar G. is a journalist and writer living in New Braunfels, Texas. Check out the TWoP Web show he does with his brother, Pablo, "Trailers Without Pity." You can find him on Terribly Happy, Space Monkeys! and at and hear him on NPR's "All Tech Considered," Mondays as part of All Things Considered.

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