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Clark says that if this is true, then it's dangerous to encourage a manhunt. Man, remember when "Manhunt" was what Lex was doing to Clark every week? I miss those days. Clark says people will die. Tess says that when that happens, Clark will know where to find him. Clark frowns. What is that supposed to -- OOOHHHHH! I get it. Wink wink. Tess says Clark will be able to slay the proverbial dragon. Clark hates proverbs; he prefers cookies. Clark says it's not some fairy tale; he thinks there's certainly a part of Tess that needs saving, but he's not her white knight. He says she's risking innocent lives, including Chloe's. Tess thinks of Chloe as an accomplice. Clark says she's a hostage. Tomato, to-mah-to, let's call the whole season off. Tess asks why Clark is fighting her help if he's trying to keep Chloe from getting hurt. She's smiling slyly. She thinks Clark might be afraid to face Davis because of what the pure, virtuous Clark Kent might have to do. Wow, them's fighting words. Pure THIS! She tells Clark he's destined to do it when the time comes. Gothic hero music plays. "I'm just making sure you embrace the inevitable," she says as she looks through the blinds on one of her windows. Clark suddenly hears a scream. He tilts his head and hears Chloe with his super ears. The camera whirls around him until it wants to throw up. "Please help me!" Chloe screams. Clark superzips out of the room without bothering to leave evidence of a door having been opened. Tess, unsurprised, just smiles.

We see Chloe running, scrambling through some scary, dark woods. She falls, and we see that her face is dirty and bloodied. She looks frightened. She gets up and runs some more, screaming for Clark. She reaches a road and screams as headlights bear down on her. A giant truck is about to run her over. Just before impact, we hear Clark's familiar whoosh. They're safely out of the way and he's holding her from behind. She struggles and bats his arms, which I think is a little strange. Clark yells that it's him. She finally settles down. "Clark!" she cries, She hugs him and sobs. Clark says it's all right.

We see Clark and Chloe hugging from a distance. Someone is behind some tree leaves. It's a girl in a leather outfit. She holds up a hand and a green electrical orb appears above her palm. It shrinks back down to baseball size. Next to her, Punky Bruiser is there. "He found her. Now it's time to make our move," Punky says. Two guys are next to her. They're all wearing matching uncomfortable-looking leather jackets. They just stand there and pose in the dark. It's the worst Abercrombie & Fitch photo shoot we've ever done.

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