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Itty Bitty Pity Committee
Omar: Let's see... I have a daughter now and do radio stuff for--
Roger: I meant with the show. What's going on with that fakakta Smallville?
Omar: Oh. Well, Lex is gone. Lana's gone. Al and Miles are gone.
Roger: Well, that Shelby bitch must be thrilled. She gets to be in every episode now.
Omar: Er, not so much.
Roger: So, what goes on, then? Doesn't sound like there's much left for them to do every week.
Omar: You know, I hadn't noticed that, but now that you mention it, that's a very astute, if ill-informed, observation.
Roger: We Rottweilers have good intuition.
Omar: Are you still acting?
Roger: Aw, no, I'm retired, brother. Living the sweet life down in Florida with my humans. Really early dinners. Chasing bocce balls... Well, hey, I didn't want to interrupt. Mind if I sit in?
Omar: Sure, just don't pee on the floor or anything. And try not to eat my kid.
Roger: Done and done!
Omar: "Done" as in you will eat my kid and pee on my floor?
Roger: Relax. I just ate one of your neighborhood rabbits and peed in your flower beds.
Omar: ...Cool?

What a strange visit. We next pan across the floor of a new location. There's a dead guy on the ground and he looks pretty torn up. It's one of the two guys who was just standing with Punky Bruiser. The energy-orb girl is kneeling next to the body while Punky and the other leather-clad guy stand nearby. Punky says she can't believe they lost track of "that thing." The guy tells Punky that if he'd had their powers, he would have gotten the job done. He says they screwed up, not him and Punky. Orb Girl's right there, dude. She can hear you. Even over her crying. Just then, Tess walks in through a giant hole in the wall. We see that they're all in a broken-down building. It could be a dilapidated, dark house or a very small warehouse. Tess is holding a flashlight. Tess scolds the young, dickish gentleman about teamwork. She says she trained them to help each other, and that if one fails, they all fail. Dick! She asks what's going on. Punky steps forward to explain, but not necessarily to enunciate. She says that "Live Wire" and "Neutron" (Jimmy Neutron?) found the monster. She says by the time "Parasite," her still-alive partner, and she showed up, things had gotten messy. Messy is pork ribs on your shirt. This was a fucking massacre, it looks like. Apparently, Neutron tried to stop Doomsday with a radioactive blast. Tess says they were supposed to find Davis, then call her so she could send The Traveler. You guys getting all this?

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