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Itty Bitty Pity Committee

Oliver steps into the elevator. He's holding the bottle of wine in one hand and scans it with what looks like an iPhone in his left hand. The phone has captured Tess's fingerprint. It identifies her by name. Oliver smiles at the elevator door. Ah, the icky art of seduction!

Isis. Chloe is digging through stacks of photos on a table. Clark whooshes in and rustles the photo papers. They go everywhere. He asks why she just took off without telling him and then didn't answer her cell. He says he's been searching everywhere. Chloe says she's sorry. Clark tells her that he already has problems trusting Oliver. Now he's wondering about her. He says Chloe was asking him to save Davis, and now she wants him killed. He wants to know what's going on. And not just what's going on that caused that 4 Non Blondes song. Clark knows she's hiding something. Chloe says she's been lying to Clark ever since she came back. She knows the girl who died, Live Wire. She says she was using the Isis computers to hack into Tess's mainframe. She found a bunch of profiles of the teen Kryptonite freak crew. "Eva Greer?" Clark asks, "Tess's assistant is meteor-infected?" Chloe says that Tess betrayed her. Just as she's about to explain more, we hear a piercing sound as Chloe grunts and grabs her forehead. She falls. Clark catches her at normal speed as she spasms. He's holding her in his arms as her eyes widen, then go dead. She's unconscious, but her eyes are still open. Her body is suddenly bathed in light. She transforms from Chloe into Eva Greer. Just so we'll know, Clark says, "Eva." So, this girl wasn't Chloe after all, but she could still log into Isis and still hack into Tess's mainframe? And she knew all about Clark's powers and their history together? Don't think so. [Well, I would hope that Tess's assistant could get into Tess's mainframe. And Tess seems to have an inkling of Clarks' powers, so she likely informed Eva of what she knew. And isn't Clark and Chloe's relationship pretty public knowledge at this point? - Zach]

Isis, later. Dr. Hamilton is kneeling on the floor next to Clark in the Isis Command Center. He's examining Eva's body. Clark is annoyed that Chloe is still out there somewhere with Davis. He's mad he didn't see through Eva's disguise. [Especially since he couldn't see through Chloe's disguise a few weeks back. - Z] Hamilton, who is the only person on this show who consistently makes sense, says she was a shapeshifter. Shapeshiftah! "It was her job to fool you!" he advises. Yes! Makes total sense! Hamilton says she knew she'd catch Clark at his most vulnerable by posing as his best friend. He casts a fluorescent pink light on Eva's neck and she has the same symbols on it that Live Wire did. Clark says they've all been tagged. He was mad at Eva, but says she didn't deserve this. Clark thinks he knows who killed her. She and the others were working for Tess. Hamilton thinks Chloe might get caught in the crossfire if these kids are looking for Doomsday. Clark plans to go and stop Tess immediately. Hamilton says you don't corner rats, especially when they're this lethal. It only works if they are secretly gourmet cooks and you're looking for a good meal. He tosses Clark a sample he just drew; it's the same metallic explosive device that killed Live Wire. He thinks that if Clark confronts Tess, she could push a button and kill the rest of the team. Clark says they're also GPS devices that work on a frequency. He asks if Hamilton can isolate it. Hamilton thinks about it for half a second and says he could piggyback on the signal to find the others. Well, then, do it, man! Clark says that if he can find the team, he can find Chloe. Hamilton nods. Yes, Clark. Your brain is surprisingly spry today.

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