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"Insurgence" Resurgence

Lex comes up to Clark and asks how he got inside. Shouldn't you be asking how he got to Metropolis so fast? Or did Clark ride in the helicopter, too? Papa Luthor interrupts and says that Clark is a resourceful boy: "What difference does it make how he did it?" Papa Luthor totally knows. Papa Luthor rubs Clark's shoulder creepily. "Dad," Lex says. He throws Papa Luthor's hand off Clark. That's right, you claim your property, Lex. He says he was doing everything he could to get them out of the hostage situation. "Oh, I'm sure you did a great deal," Papa Luthor says sarcastically. He says he's going to send someone to the mansion for his things. "I'll help them pack," Lex says. Word. Papa Luthor is aghast. He's led off by an assistant. Cool music starts to play as everything goes slow-motion. Lex looks over in a replay of the "Jitters" ending. MamaKent, Bo, and Clark are a happy family. Lex stands alone in his long coat as the camera pulls back. The music lyrics emphasize that, yes, Lex stands alone, yes he's not afraid of tomorrow, or whatever. Frankly, I liked it better when there were no words to the song, but what do I know? A Daily Planet vending machine sits a few yards away from Lex.

The music finishes. MamaKent is coming down the stairs at home, holding a sheet of paper. She hands it to Bo. She says it's a letter of resignation. She says she can't keep working for Papa Luthor. She says she can't believe she trusted him. Clark says that without the file, the police can't find anything about him. The police wouldn't have access to those files anyway, even as evidence, would they have? MamaKent supposes that she may have only been hired to provide more info about her son. "I'm sorry, Mom," Clark says. Whiner. Bo tells them to wait. He asks if quitting is the best thing to do. I feel a platitude coming on. He absurdly looks on the bright side: if this hadn't happened, they wouldn't know Papa Luthor was keeping tabs on Clark. He says they should take a page out of the Luthor playbook and keep their enemies closer. Bo's platitudes are going evil! Clark looks worried. MamaKent and Bo look positively tickles. So this is what being bad feels like. It's delicious.

Outside shot of the farm at night. Inside the basement, the ship sits uncovered. We zoom in on the oft-seen octagonal hole on its flank.

Not quite clean transition to the octagonal piece sitting on a kitchen countertop. MamaKent takes the piece, fingers it. Bo comes up behind her and asks if she's coming up. She says in a minute. She buries the piece in a huge green tin of flour. She places the tin under the kitchen sink. The novelty popcorn-sized tin reads, "FLOUR."

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