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Raiders of the Lost Heart

She walks up to him, then past him. The moment threatens to dwindle away. When she's at the elevator, Clark says he's been afraid his whole life: "Afraid of people knowing the truth about me, afraid of them rejecting me, and even if didn't, still losing them." The elevator doors open and she takes one step inside. He says he's afraid of things he can't control, but he's more afraid of not telling her the truth. She stops and turns toward him. He wants to share a life with her, and telling her the truth is the only way. He turns and walks a few steps away. "Lois, you've had a lot of questions about the Blur," he says. "It's me." She smiles and lets the elevator leave without her. Supermanly music plays softly. He turns to look at her again. "I'm the Blur." She smiles and runs into his arms. They fall into a bag of convenient glitter that then drifts magically all around them. They kiss. "What took you so long?" she asks. He makes a confused puppy face, surprised she already knew. He starts to ask her about it, but she puts a silencing finger to his lips. He smiles even bigger. The end.

So, there you have it. Some very cute moments and good character interaction, burdened by terrible dialog and painful contrivances. Or, as Oliver might put it: "Just another Friday night in Metropolis." Thanks to the forum posters for setting me straight about Lois's Egypt episode, which was "Shield" and not the premiere like I'd originally written.

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