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In case you forgot, this episode is sponsored by Old Spice: Red Zone. A huge banner above the stands proclaims thus. All must have fresh pits to enjoy this game! Old Spice demands it! Two rows of cheerleaders greet the players as they rush to the field. In the stands, Bo Duke and MamaKent stand next to the same dork with the straw hat that they had to stand next to last week. Coach Quigley gets a shout-out on the PA system.

Stadium hallway. Chloe, apparently having borrowed Lana's black trenchcoat, sneaks into the empty AV booth. If the announcer is blasting on the broadcast system, why isn't someone in here monitoring the levels? Chloe finds a rack of audio equipment. She unplugs two cords marked "PA" and hooks the copper wires up to a gadget from a briefcase up to it. Doesn't this mean the announcer would be cut off? Chloe, who apparently just completed her master's in electrical engineering, whips out a frequency transmitter. She must have borrowed it from Sayid on Lost. She's going to find a way to get the show off this damn island! The device Chloe is holding emits a whining frequency that we, the humans, can hear.

Cut to the PA speakers. As the announcer keeps talking, we hear a cicada-like chirping. In the stands, Sir Mxyz-A-Lot holds his hands to hear ears. He hates cicadas!

On the field, the game goes on. Cheerleaders cheer. Players huddle. Jason stresses. "Trip," Sir Mxyz-A-Lot says, as Clark hikes the ball and settles back into the pocket. The chirping sounds overpower Mxyz, and the command has no effect. Dude, this is a trip! Clark tosses a pass, and a receiver catches it downfield. Mxyz has a headache this big. Chloe continues jamming in the purely scientific sense of the word. Clark looks around on the field happily, thinking, "Wow, maybe I didn't need to go through that whole musical sequence." More silly shots of Mxyz holding his temples. Nobody around him offers him aspirin or anything. The guys on the Huskies team are certainly living up to their name, if you know what I mean. More football hiking. Clark hands off. The play goes successfully even as Mxyz tries to make the running back "fumble." The back does a little high stepping as he scores a touchdown. And the crowd doesn't really go very wild at all. Mxyz is like, "Huh. This sucks."

Musical football montage. Plays run successfully on both sides. Mxyz looks perplexed. At one point, a football lands, and all the Huskies in a circle pretend to fall back like it was a bomb. Eh. Fun, I guess. Tackling. Pitching. Jumping. Flipping. If you like football, this is sorta kinda interesting in a very abstract no-stakes kind of way. In the stands, Bo and MamaKent cheer. The kid next to them is still wearing that silly hat. Mxyz is still freaking out. He finally glances up at the PA speaker and realizes that something's up.

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