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Commercials. "Can you hear me now?" guy. Not so much a champion. Oh, and Old Spice: Red Zone. Did we mention we sponsored the show this week? No? Well, we did, jackasses. You bettah re'kanize.

Kent home at night. Bo is preparing to take a little pussy tray of honey and creamers presumably to bed. Either that's very fattening and bad for his heart, or it's very good for his sex life. Clark walks in. Bo teases his champion son for breaking curfew. Clark isn't gonna let the hale old man piss on his parade. He's happy, dammit! For once in his goddamned life. Clark realizes he's late and apologizes. What a strange little moment. MamaKent nods for Bo to go easy on the Beaver. No, really. It's chafing. (No disprespect to Annette O'Toole. It was a beaver joke only in the abstract sense. I have no interest in commenting on your beaver specifically, ma'am. In the future, your beaver shall receive nothing but respect from me. I don't even like that term. It's icky. I hope you won't hold this beaver thing against me. Oh. Shit. I did it again. Please don't send Michael McKean to kick my ass and say something funny as he does it.) Bo heard about Sir Mxyz-A-Lot getting arrested, and he's proud that Clark was able to get that whole villain thing taken care of even as he was throwing passes and avoiding sacks. Bo says they're very proud of Clark. MamaKent is, too. Bo takes his sexy condiment tray upstairs. It's about to get a little 9 1/2 Weeks up in here.

Chloe comes in through the kitchen door without knocking. Or a knock so soft I couldn't hear it. She's still wearing Lana's black trenchcoat. Chloe says that no matter how many times she puts Clark in the penalty box, it never sticks. Maybe because it's a box with no ceiling or bars. She says that Clark's quite the hero tonight. Clark says that if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have won the game. Chloe says they can thank Uncle Sam for that. Er, her Uncle Sam, as in Lois Lane's dad, as in IRONSIDE! He lent her the signal-jamming thingy. Apparently it was designed for stealth fighters. Chloe and Clark didn't notice the F-A18 they brought down while testing it earlier that day. Clark is glad that Sir Mxyz can't hurt anyone with his freakish locust shit anymore. Chloe still can't figure out, though, how she got untied. Er, unhandcuffed. Clark says, in a way I don't get, "And I don't understand how you get sucked into anything besides anonymous tips." Huh? Chloe says they all have their weaknesses, except for Clark, of course. Chloe stares at Clark with keen interest.

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