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LuthorCorp building. Spooky blue glass panels. Lex is taking Mxyz up on an elevator. He says he thinks the guy's new accommodations will be more comfortable than the county lock-up. Mxyz asks where Lex is taking him. Lex flashes his badge on the security panel then presses his thumb on a reader. "Don't worry," Lex says, "you're gonna have a lot of company." Mxyz says he could learn a lot from Lex, but he feels bad that he can't make good on their agreement. Lex chuckles that Mxyz underestimates the value of Lex's winnings. Mxyz says he's lost his power. Lex says that one thing he's learned is that anything lost can be found again. Like my remote. Here it is! Mxyz asks why Lex bet against him if he knew he had a special talent. "I didn't," Lex says. "I bet on Clark Kent." The elevator reaches its stop: "Floor 33.1." They get out. A light flashes on them. "Like I said," Lex tells him, "you're not alone." We don't get to see what they're staring at.

High school hallway. Lana, in black, is digging in her locker. Clark, dumb-ass, comes up and asks Lana where Jason is. Wanna say it a little louder so everybody else can know that she's involved? He says he's left Jason three messages. Lana says she knows. Clark tells her that Metropolis University offered him a scholarship. Lana says that's great. Real fucking great. Clark says he wanted to thank Jason for trusting him with the scout. "Well, it's too bad you couldn't return the favor," Lana tells Clark. She walks off saying, "Jason got fired this morning." Ooh, snap! Lana walks past the trophy case. Clark is sad.

Lair of Lex. He's poking in the fireplace. Speaking of poking, Clark stands behind Lex as he's bent over. Lex says that it's good to know that the local football star still has time for friends. Clark says he wouldn't put it like that. Clark tells Lex sternly that what they talk about is supposed to stay between the two of them. "I see," Lex says, "so today I'm taking the role of the despicable, untrustworthy friend and as usual our hero is making the fatal flaw of jumping to conclusions." Lex goes over to his bar and drinks from a blu botol of Ty Nant. Mmm, yummy. Clark asks if Lex got Jason fired. Lex says that the student-teacher liaison is a tough taboo to get over. Clark asks if Lex is taking the moral high ground. Lex says he'd hate to see Lana earn a scarlet letter around town. Clark somehow gets the literary allusion and says Lex already saw to that. Everyone in town found out why Jason got fired. "You didn't do this to protect her," Clark says. Lex tells Clark that they both know Lana isn't meant to be with Jason. Clark says that a year ago, he'd have believed Lex did it out of some twisted loyalty to Clark, but now...? "You didn't do this for me. Why did you do it?" Clark asks. Lex turns and stares down Clark. He smiles a bit. But doesn't answer. Blackout. Nooooo! Please don't make Lex love Lana. Seriously. I would die. Ugh. Feh. That is all.

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