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Lana at her apartment. She and Jason are discussing Clark's possible steroid use. She doesn't buy it. Jason says it happens to lots of guys who just want to win, no matter the cost. Lana says that Jason's not responsible for Clark. Jason admits that he was asked to give Clark a drug test, but lied and told his boss that it came back clean. Wouldn't the boss have wanted to see the actual results himself? Jason says that he believes in Clark, but that he also didn't want to rock the boat, given that Clark knows that Jason and Lana are secret luvahs. Lana insists that Clark wouldn't make it personal. She knows this based on his highly evolved split personality. Lana tells Jason that part of the reason she left for Paris was Clark. Jason's kinda bummed to hear that. Lana says that she couldn't be happier than with Jason. She says that Clark knows that Jason needs this job, and wouldn't do anything to mess that up despite his "unpredictable" behavior. Jason asks if Lana really knows Clark. Her mouth twitches a lot. She really doesn't. And Jason's pretty foolish for trusting his college career and future to these two high-school doofuses.

Stately Luthor Manor. Lex is interrogating Sir Mxyz-A-Lot. He tells him that the INS is revoking Mxyz's student visa and sending him home. Mxyz seems pretty calm about it and says they're only fun games, this betting stuff. Mxyz says Lex could pull some strings if he wanted to. Lex says it's not worth the embarrassment to him and to LuthorCorp. Lex hands Mxyz a plane ticket and tells him he'll be gone by morning. Mxyz says that Lex wants to know why his dad had such an interest. Lex says he doesn't need to know that badly. Mxyz offers Lex a bet. He says Lex is the "caviar" kind of gambler. He says the only thrill for Lex is putting his chips on the one thing that can slip through his fingers. My brain is trying to sift this to see if there's anything dirty there. Mmm, maybe not. Lex scoffs. He asks what that one thing would be. "In this case, me," says Mxyz. He asks how much Lex believes in his "quarterback friend Clark." Mxyz wants a bet on the championship game. "What's the wager?" Lex asks. Mxyz says that if the Crows lose, Lex will help him get citizenship and grant him $1 million. Lex needlessly takes Mxyz by the shoulders and says he doesn't think the kid could cover that bet if the Crows lose. Mxyz says the reason Papa Luthor brought him here was much more valuable than money. Lex's intrigue gene has just wet itself.

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