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Lair of Lex. Lex is having a stiff drink and nursing his cheek wound. Papa Luthor is lecturing him, pointing out all that's gone wrong. Impulse is gone. A multimillion-dollar installation is destroyed. 33.1 is compromised. Papa says that at least Lex found out that "the Jolly Green Archer" (what is it with that joke? We get it, SDK) and his "extraordinary cohorts" aren't your run-of-the-mill adversaries. Lex says that's all the more reason to continue with 33.1: if terrorists like Green Arrow are recruiting people with abilities, the only way to protect freedom and democracy is to fight fire with fire. How patriotic! Papa Luthor calls bullshit, and says he didn't think Lex's goals were so lofty. Lex says there's a lot that escapes Papa's attention in his declining years. As he goes to get another drink, Lex adds that the security footage was destroyed (ever heard of an online backup?), but that the guards said one of Green Arrow's accomplices sounded like Clark Kent. How the hell would they know what Clark sounds like? Papa, thinking fast, says that's impossible. Lex says that word always pops up when discussing Clark. Papa Luthor lies that it wasn't Clark; he was with Clark at the Kents' the night before, while it was happening. He says that MamaKent made pot roast with new potatoes and tiny, little baby carrots, and gushes, "It was delicious. Clark had three helpings." Magnificent! And savory! Lex is so pissed. Papa tells him not to worry: Lex has plenty of enemies plotting his downfall. Papa exits, leaving Lex speechless.

Kent Farm. The cows actually liked this episode. Chloe walks into the barn, finishing a cell-phone conversation. She tells Clark that the Daily Planet is running with a story that the LuthorCorp plant was vacant, and destroyed by a gas explosion. They waited a whole day to do that story? "'Vacant'?" asks Clark. He says that the LuthorCorp cover-up machine is in full swing. Not a good metaphor mix, there, big guy. In the background, Aquadude is fondling a horse's nose. Chloe, hanging with all the guys, says that at least they got Impulse out before he was run into an early grave. Impulse says that he had plenty of juice left. "Could'a fooled me, the way you cleaned out MamaKent's fridge," says Bionic Brother. "MamaKent?" Shout-out? Impulse pops BB on the chest and says that he likes to stay fueled up. Impulse zips over to sit next to Chloe, saying he's there in case he needs to spring into action. "I still have a boyfriend," Chloe tells him. "A man can dream, can't he?" Impulse replies. "Now you know why we call him Impulse," Aquadude interjects. Groan. Can't we just keep that guy underwater so he won't talk? Clark rattles off their code names, and asks what they call their team. Impulse gets up, saying that they need to come up with something cool. "I was thinking of something with the word 'Justice' in it," says Oliver. He says that's what Lex is gonna get a big dose of. That or "Cock League." Oliver holds up a green-glowing flash drive and says that Aquadude and BB were able to hack into the mainframe, before they blew it up, and retrieved some info. BB praises his own hacking abilities. Clark asks what they found out. Oliver says that they're starting up divisions of 33.1 all over the world; they'll pop up wherever there are people with abilities. Clark says that they can't let that happen. "We won't," says Oliver. He says that their first target is on the island of Corto Maltese, adding that they all know the drill. He says that they'll leave in thirty minutes, and tells them to get their gear. Impulse asks if Clark is coming. Aquadude says he has to. BB says that they could use the big guns. Oliver says that Clark would be a major asset to the team. What about Chloe? Everyone looks to Clark. He says he wants to be a part of this, but that he's got to take care of that problem he caused first. "This isn't the end of the story, Clark," Oliver tells him, over heroic music. They shake hands. "This is just the beginning," says Oliver, adding a curt "Chloe," by way of dismissal. "Come on, boys!" he says. "Let's go save the world!" Come on, ladies! Strap up those knickers! The bros all walk in slow motion out of the sun-bathed barn. Chloe and Clark watch. "You know, you have some pretty amazing friends, Clark Kent," Chloe tells him. Clark looks at her. "Yeah. I do," he agrees. Tight close-up on Clark, smiling. We go to blackout.

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