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A Backstory With a View

Kent farm. Clark slows to a stop by the fence. He sees a man running across a distant field and smiles. "Jor-El?" he says to himself. Jor-El starts to fall and Clark is instantly by his side, catching him before he hits the ground. He sees a bloody gaping wound in Jor-El's side. Jor-El struggles for breath. "Who did this to you?" Clark asks. Jor-El: "I don't know." Clark tells him to hold on, he'll go get help, but Jor-El is expiring faster than a tub of warm potato salad at a Fourth of July picnic. He clutches at Clark's arm. "I'm so proud of you," he says. Clark begs him not to go. "I can save you!" "Save Zod," Jor-El says. He touches Clark's face, smiles, and the light goes out of his eyes. He goes limp and Clark clasps him to his chest. Sad music plays as the camera pans up and away to show them alone in the field.

OK, pausing from the recapping action here for a moment. Doesn't it seem like a scene is missing somewhere between Zod letting Jor-El go, and Clark finding Jor-El half-dead? There's supposed to be a mystery surrounding who shot J.R. -- er, I mean, Jor-El -- what with him pointedly saying he doesn't know who wounded him. But it feels like they needed a scene of Jor-El being attacked, even if we didn't get to see his attacker. The mystery feels less mysterious and more accidental. Anyway, back to the recap.

Kent farmhouse. Clark and Oliver are standing on the front porch for another therapy session. Clark is saying that when his father died (meaning Jonathan), he at least had memories of being on the farm with him. "But with Jor-El being going, I'm left with is..." He trails off and Oliver finishes for him: " empty feeling inside." Clark nods. He's holding Jor-El's dog tag, regarding the symbols etched on both sides. He says there were so many questions he wanted to ask, to find out what kind of man he really was. Oliver says that after the way he saved "our spunky sidekick," he thinks that Jor-El is a hero like Clark. Pshaw. I bet he never dangled a woman from his fist like a ragdoll, the wuss. Clark doesn't think he'll ever live up to everything Jor-El accomplished. Oliver: "I don't think anyone wears that super shield quite like you." With Clark's chest taking up the entirety of the left side of the screen, it totally looks like Oliver is eyeballing his pecs. Clark seems doubtful. He's also angry that Jor-El died protecting him. He's got Chloe analyzing all the surveillance footage from the farm to try to figure out what really happened. Oliver pauses awkwardly and clears his throat a bit. He knows he and Clark haven't always seen eye to eye, but... "I've got your back -- always." "Good," Clark says, "because I'm going to need your help to figure out who killed my father and bring them to justice." They exchange intense looks of agreement.

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