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A Backstory With a View

In the present day, Zod is punching the snot out of him. He demands that Jor-El defend himself but Jor-El just drops to the ground and admits he has no powers. He tells half a lie: "I used the blue kryptonite to take them away, the same way I corrupted the orb so that none of you couldn't rule this planet as gods." Zod demands to know how Jor-El harnessed the yellow sun's powers for himself. Jor-El, his face bloodied, refuses to tell him, so Zod punches him again. Zod shakes the pain out of his hand and paces. He spits out that Jor-El owes it to him. Jor-El tells Zod the backstory of their real selves, the ones whose DNA they were created from. They went on to have spouses and children. Zod went on to lead a military coup that destroyed the planet. Jor-El thinks this is their second chance, to start over on Earth and live among the humans. Zod dismisses the idea: "This is the same selfish morality that kept me from seeing my son again." Jor-El allows as to how Zod might be right, that if he'd given Zod what he wanted he wouldn't have destroyed Krypton. Zod quietly says that Jor-El betrayed him. "I feel your pain now, more than ever," Jor-El says. Somehow from this very tiny statement, Zod figures out that Jor-El understands his pain because he now has a son. Jor-El needs Lady Gaga to teach him a thing or two about poker faces, because his is total crap. His pained expression confirms that Zod has guessed correctly. Zod also concludes that the S-shields are the work of Jor-El's mysterious son, that he didn't come in the orb, and that Jor-El is trying to protect him. Zod goes to get his soldiers to release Jor-El: "He will lead us to the one who will give us our powers -- his son."

Luthor mansion, predawn. Tess is working at her laptop when Clark bursts in through the doors. He doesn't bother with a greeting, but gets right to business: "Where is he?" He's checked every LuthorCorp facility and the mansion, and hasn't found Jor-El. Tess plays dumb, but Clark's not buying it; he knows she's had people all over the world looking for the aliens. "The only alien I know is standing in front of me," she says. He grabs her by the throat and lifts her a clean two feet off the ground. She gasps and claws at his hand, but he holds tight. He demands to know where his father is. This is a pretty gross and disturbing thing for Clark to be doing, but even worse is how not upset Tess is right now. She's even happy and a little awed: "I've waited so long for you to admit your true Kryptonian heritage." She says she always hoped he would tell her because trusted her, but that she'll take what she can get. Does this sound like the same woman who refused to be toyed with and treated like a lesser being by Zod? I think not. And yet here she is, practically giddy that Clark is manhandling her. He releases her and asks one more time about Jor-El. Finally, she admits that Zod has him. Clark looks worried, but Tess tells him not to worry, because there's a tracking device on Jor-El's clothes. She looks up at him like she's waiting for a pat on the head or a tasty Milk Bone. Clark thinks she's using Jor-El as bait to find the others. "I was just protecting you," she says. He grabs her by the shoulders and shoves her toward her laptop, barking at her to "find him." A few keystrokes later and she's found Jor-El at the Kent farm. Clark superzips away in front of Tess, to her obvious and creepy delight.

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