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Kara Chameleon

Washington, D.C. The government dude who opened the ship is in an elevator. He tells someone on the phone that the ship was eviscerated, but that all is not lost. He holds a huge canister, suitable for sending deposit slips through the pneumatic tube at the Bank of America for Giants. Inside is a blue, long crystal, similar to the Ice Dildos of the Fortress. Government Evil walks down the hallway. He passes over a crest for the U.S. Department of Domestic Security.

The Fortress. Jarnelle's voice welcomes Clark to his training. He tells his dad about Kara showing up. "I know nothing of her arrival," Jarnelle says. Clark asks why he's never heard about his uncle Zor-El before. Jarnelle says that Zor-El was not about the greater good and cannot be trusted. Jarnelle thinks Kara can't be trusted either. He says Clark's human feelings about her could betray him. Clark says his human feelings are part of who he is. "Now, what about my training?" he asks. Well, we're gonna start you on drive-thru, then the front register and when you're ready, we're moving you to the grill. That's when you know you've made it to The Show. Jarnelle warns Clark that Kara poses a greater threat than he believes. Thanks, Dad. Can we start the fucking training now, Yoda?

Lair of Lex. Lex is holding a drawing of someone with flowing hair. Shia LeBeouf? Kate Winslet? Lex is putting the finishing touches on the drawing. His new assistant comes in, asking if he found the person he was looking for. Lex, always demanding, says he's got someone new he wants to find. Rebound Girl! He shows the dude the drawing. He says it's not much to go on. It's also not very good. Sir. Lex says it's all he has. Lex says that woman saved his life. He wants no resource spared in finding her. Lex just sits there and we close on that. The search is on. But do we still care?

Next week: Lana returns. And the world dies a little.

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